First Aid Management


First aid is an emergency care or initial assistance given to a casualty or a sick
person for any injury or sudden illness. Improving skills in first aid can help bring
down morbidity and mortality rates. The aim of this module is to provide knowledge
and skills required to recognize and manage a medical emergency effectively.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Training Material
  • Learning Activity
  • Identify situations that require first aid
  • Discuss the aims of first aid
  • List out the roles and responsibilities of first aider
  • Explain different types of injuries and its first aid management
  • Apply critical thinking skills to manage various emergency situations
  • Demonstrate first aid skills in an adult casualty with minor and major injuries
  • Multimedia audio visual aids
  • High fidelity manikins
  • Various assessment tools
  • Handouts
  • Practice session on task trainer
  • Demonstration on high fidelity manikins
  • Practice skills in a simulated environment
  • Knowledge and skill assessment

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