Airway Management


Airway Management skills are critical in saving the life of victims who experience
hypoxia due to airway obstruction. Improving skills to identify a compromised airway
and maintaining airway patency can help bring down death rates. The aim of this
module is to train nurses on various challenging airway management techniques
with the purpose of maintaining and restoring a safe and effective pathway for
oxygenation and ventilation.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Training Material
  • Learning Activity
  • Identify potential causes of airway obstruction
  • Discuss the goal of airway management
  • Demonstrate different airway assessment techniques
  • Explain different oxygen delivery methods
  • Discuss various airway adjuncts used in resuscitation
  • List out the indications and contraindications of each airway adjunct
  • Demonstrate different airway management skills used in resuscitation
  • Multimedia audio visual aids
  • Various assessment tools
  • Handouts
  • Practice session on task trainer
  • Demonstration on high fidelity manikins
  • Simulation based clinical scenarios
  • Knowledge and skill assessment

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