Infection Control


Infection prevention and control plays a vital role in maintaining a safe and effective
environment for everyone by reducing the risk of potential spread of illness.
Following right infection control measures is an important component of nursing to
protect both patients and health care professionals from contracting infections. The
aim of this module is to impart essential knowledge and skills on various infection
control protocols to be followed by health care professionals while providing patient

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Training Material
  • Learning Activity
  • Discuss key terms related to infection prevention and control
  • List out various health care associated infections
  • Explain the chain of infection
  • Describe different infection prevention methods used in health care settings
  • Discuss transmission based precautions
  • Review biomedical waste management protocols
  • Apply infection prevention and control protocols in simulated scenarios
  • Multimedia audio visual aids
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Handouts

Discussion on clinical scenarios
Critical thinking activities
Knowledge and skill assessment

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