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Every year, Canada attracts hundreds of international students because it is one of the most favoured destinations for getting an education. Talking about nursing in specific, factors like a good economy and a healthcare system make Canada a student-friendly place for aspiring nurses. After completing the nursing courses in Canada, students are eligible to get a work permit of three years while applying for permanent residency.

The academic year of 2020 started off well almost all over the world, however, it swiftly turned into a problem because of the ill-effects of COVID-19. Although students all over the world have been keeping up with their curriculum through online classes and self-study modules, it is a given that full-time learning is significant in completing the academic year. Particularly for nursing study in Canada, it is important for students to gain first-hand experience by learning under the guidance of teachers.

International students are exceptionally valued in the country and for this reason; it has become the foremost choice of international students. Moreover, being a popular country in terms of literacy, it is natural for Canada to attract students for taking admissions in post-graduate programs.

nursing courses in Canada

All thanks to a dynamic healthcare system in the country, Canada has been successful in flattening the COVID-19 curve. This proactive planning of Canada is also evident when it comes to international students. Many important steps have been implemented to ensure that International students complete their education without stressing about COVID.

Given below are 5 important measures taken in Canada to support international students during COVID. Going through them one after another will enable you to understand these measures better.


The implementation of CESB (Canada Emergency Student BenefitCanada Emergency Student Benefit) is a considerable step that taken in Canada to show the extent to which the country works to help the students even during the COVID times. With CESB, Canada plans to create many jobs for all students of this year while financially supporting the ones who want to pay off student loans and support their families.

The International students who are presently pursuing nursing courses in Canada or for that matter any other discipline as well can relieve themselves from financial pressures. They can take confidence in the fact that the Canadian government has their back when it comes to education. When we speak specifically about the future of nursing in Canada amidst Coronavirus pandemic and staff shortagesfuture of nursing in Canada amidst Coronavirus pandemic and staff shortages, this is nothing less than a boon for nursing students.

All international students who have been laid off because of COVID-19 or who have earned $5000 in the last 12 months can get financial support from the government as a relief. This benefit by Canada will offer over $1,250 for all eligible students and $2,000 per month with any dependence or disabilities.

As an endeavour of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau an Economic Response PlanEconomic Response Plan of $82 billion was introduced at the beginning of May 2020. Although this plan is to help those affected by COVID-19 directly or indirectly, CESB is primarily focused on being economic support for students.


To ensure that Canadian students have a bright future after completing their study in Canada, the government is giving over $80 million for the Student Work Placement Program. As a part of this, hundreds of students will be supported all across the country to find employment opportunities in their field of study. For International nursing students, this means that the chances of securing a satisfactory job upon successful completion of a nursing study in Canada are very high.

In addition, Canada is also planning to invest over $153.7 million for a program called Youth Employment and Skill Strategy. In this, the students will be supported for developing their skills along with gaining valuable experience that is necessary for excelling at high demand professions like nursing or other healthcare jobs. This will enable nurses to perform really well in their careers while gaining important credentials.

Another significant change made with respect to the creation of employment and other opportunities is an extension of the Summer Job Program. Reportedly, the date of the Canada Summer Job Program is going to be extended until 28th February 2021. The government will be offering over 70,000 jobs this summer along with a 100% wage subsidy of the provincial hourly wage for all employees. This will ensure that students can benefit from an income for a longer time duration.

nursing courses in Canada


Canada has come up with an exceptional way to fund education with a grant of over $5000 for every student. Based on the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG)Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG), the Canadian government will fund the education of students who participate in community service during COVID-19. This is a remarkable way to support students while engaging them in something positive for the communities.

Where the pandemic has limited the job opportunities for many students, it has enabled the students to participate in services that promote skill development. The students who are planning to pursue a nursing study in Canada during the upcoming fall can become contributors to COVID-19 response while supporting their education.

Further details about this service grant will be made available on a platform called I Want to Help in the near future. These details will include more information on eligibility, the different levels of funding available under the grant, the process to apply for this grant, and the requisites on which the application will be judged. The CSSG is an excellent opportunity for all students to use their time in something that creates value and makes a change for the better. International students who engage in services like these will benefit from it largely.


The Canadian government will be barring the previous restrictions that permitted International students to work for a maximum time of 20 hours a week at the time when their classes were in session. International students can now work for more than 20 hours. However, this rule is for the students who are working in an essential function or service only such as healthcare, food supply, dealing with essential goods, etc.

This rule proves yet again that Canada is the best country to be employed as a nurseCanada is the best country to be employed as a nurse. Students pursuing a nursing study in Canada, can now work for more hours and earn more until 31st August 2020. All International students and their respective employers can look up the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada’s Guidance on essential services and functions in CanadaPublic Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada’s Guidance on essential services and functions in Canada at the time of COVID-19. Since nurses form one of the most significant parts of the healthcare system, they are included in this rule exclusively.

This rule will enable international students to develop their careers at a quick pace while gaining hands-on experience as they study. Although this rule is temporary, it must be implemented to a maximum extent until it is functional in the country.


All thanks to dynamic, quick, and effective health care services in Canada, the country is on its way to flattening the curve of those affected by COVID-19. Almost all the student residences in the country have been shut in an attempt to safeguard the student population, efforts do not just stop here. Many universities have arranged accommodations for stranded students while sending them back to their countries wherever it was possible.

In addition, some hotels have turned into reserving rooms for students who need to self-isolate. Many provinces are even changing regulations for preventing property owners from expelling tenants at this time.

Given all these measures when international students who had applied to Canadian Universities and received admissions had been doubtful about how the situation would play out. Since there have been serious travel restrictions, Canada had closed all borders for non-essential traveling.

nursing in INSCOL

However, on March 18th, an official announcement was made about keeping the Canadian borders open for international students and workers. This was applicable for students who had a study permit or even the ones who had been allowed to get a study permit at the time when travel restrictions were imposed. This step has been taken with certainty that the entry of these international students will be considered as essential travel. For travelling, students are required to have a study permit, valid travelling documents, temporary resident visa, electronic travel authorization and a willingness to cooperate for airport checks along with self-quarantining.


Pursuing a nursing study in Canada not only guarantees a great qualification but also allows a personal and professional prosperous future. Canadian nursing education is one of the biggest steps in the direction of successful and happy life in Canada.

The important measures taken by Canada for supporting international students during COVID prove that Canada gives high importance to overseas youth that moves to their country in search of a livelihood. Multiple nursing courses in Canada can help you in becoming a successful nurse. If you are a nurse who wants to make a promising career then Canada is your best bet. A country that inspires you to think and work for a better future while giving you an opportunity to be nothing but you.


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