6 Highly-Paid Jobs for Nursing Professionals – Part II

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This article is in continuation to the one written earlier under the same title and introduction about the job options for nursing professionals.

Nursing is a noble profession and the nurses in any medical facility or patient care center abide by the oath of the profession to serve the humankind relentlessly. If you are a nurse and willing to pursue a specialty nursing career, the 6 highly-paid nursing jobs detailed here may further motivate you to select a specialty based on job satisfaction, work profile, employment outlook and the salary.

So, here are the remaining 3 high-paying nursing jobs –

4. Certified Nurse Midwife

Projected job growth for certified nurse midwife is expected to grow by 26% till 2020.

A certified nursing is another specialty that is considered highly paid. The role of a midwife involves taking care of pregnant women from the very initial stage of pregnancy until the baby is born. They aware mothers about prenatal care, conduct various required tests, educating mothers about every aspects of pregnancy including family planning.


To practice as a certified nurse midwife, you need to successfully complete a nurse-midwifery program along with a master’s degree in nursing.


CNM can work in many work settings such as hospitals, healthcare settings, clinics and communities. A CNM earns a median salary of rangingfrom$80,000 to $100,000.

5. Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse

Projected job growth for Pediatric Endocrinology is 26% by the year 2020.

Nurses with Pediatric Endocrinology Specialization take care of children suffering from endocrine ailments. Their job role involves educating patients and their families about food and nutrition, best health practices, possible physical growth or sexual development issues faced when children are suffering from endocrinology ailments such as juvenile diabetes etc. and the precautions they can take.


To practice as a pediatric endocrinology nurse, need to be a registered nurse first in the state you want to pursue practice. To achieve an RN license, BSN (Bachelor of Science degree) in nursing is required. A certification or training in endocrinology field is an added advantage and can give brighter career prospects.


The median salary of a pediatric endocrinology nurse is $81,000.

6. Geriatric Nurse

This field of nursing will see a significant increase in jobs availability over the next decade, showing between 19% and 26% growth.

Geriatric Nurse Practitioners take care of elderly patients, who are facing health challenges owing to aging. There is no accepted age group for same although adult patients can be included in this. Geriatric nurse monitors onset of new diseases, ensure proper health and nutrition and ensure there is no further health deterioration.


To become a Geriatric nurse, you need to be a registered nurse first then pursue a specialization or take certification exam in the field.


The median salary of a Geriatric nurse is $91,000.

Nurses are involved in multitudes of practices to provide medical care to people suffering from physical diseases and disabilities, psychological imbalances or any other health concerns. Other than patient-care responsibilities, clinically-trained nursing professionals are needed to assist doctors, physicians, surgeons and other specialty experts in a healthcare setting.

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