A Guide to Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Course (ACLS) at INSCOL

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Course Description

At INSCOL, the American Heart Association’s Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course curriculum is formatted and designed as per the need of healthcare providers. Professional healthcare providers performing resuscitation of a patient, either in or out of the hospital facility pursue the course that enhance their skills in the treatment of the patient who suffered a cardiac arrest or other cardiac disorder.

The ACLS course lay emphasis on the importance of basic life support give to the patient for survival as well as the combination of basic life support with advanced cardiovascular life support mediation and the significance of actual team collaboration and communication during resuscitation. ACLS is based on virtual clinical scenarios that boost active, hands-on participation through learning stations where nursing students will practice vital skills independently, as part of a team, and as team leader.

Through ACLS simulation training course, aspirants strengthen the following areas –

  • Expertise in basic life support care
  • Distinguishing and initiating early management of peri-arrest conditions
  • Managing cardiac arrest,recognizing and treating ischemic chest pain and acute coronary syndromes
  • Diagnosing other life-threatening clinical situations (such as stroke)

The ACLS Course Content & Module includes –

  • Defibrillation and Use of medications
  • Cardioversion and Airway management
  • Rhythm recognition, IV access and Transcutaneous Pacing
  • 1-rescuer CPR, AED, Effective resuscitation team dynamics

The Features & Benefits of ACLS Course –

Healthcare professionals will develop skills in the dealing with an adult victim of a cardiac arrest or anyone suffering from other cardiopulmonary emergencies.

ACLS put emphasis on the importance of basic life support CPR to patient survival

The integration of effective basic life support with advanced cardiovascular life support interventions

The importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation.

Learners at INSCOL involve in simulated clinical circumstances that inspire active, hands-on participation through learning stations where they practice essential skills as a whole.

Written Exam & Skill Stations

The candidate is evaluated through a written exam and practical skill set.

Certification: ACLS Course Completion Card and Certificate valid for 2 years.

Course Duration: 2 days

Intended Audience

Healthcare providers working in emergency rooms, intensive care units or critical care providers such as physicians, registered nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and any other medical professionals who may need to attend a cardiovascular emergency.


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