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Are you a young nursing graduate who is looking for a suitable international career? Most of the medical science graduates have the primary aim of becoming health specialists in a specific field. The nursing profession provides many opportunities fro young students – both professionally and personally. In fact, the job of a doctor would be incomplete without the help provided by the nurses. After doctors have attended to the patients, it is the responsibility of the nurses to take care of them. Like doctors, nurses should also be well-versed in handling various medical devices and equipment. Their role becomes more critical while attending to critical patients as most of the times these patients are on a life support system. Life support machines need precise and accurate handling, otherwise the life of the patients can be in danger.

If you are an Indian resident with a Nursing degree and looking for opportunities abroad, then UK is the best place for you. According to the 2016 UK Health Care Industry Statistics, there is a shortfall of approximately 24,000 nursing professionals in the country. The numbers are expected to add up in the coming years due to the growing older population. The nursing workforce has been added to the UK Government’s Shortage Occupation List indicating a sharp rise in the number of open nursing jobs in UK. The introduction of Brexit has opened doors for nursing aspirants who are outside the European Economic Area and belong to Asia & Africa. Also, there is no restriction in the numbers of standard visas that foreign nurses can procure till the time they are being sponsored by a UK employer.

INSCOL is a leading organization that provides established pathways to internationally educated nurses to study and work abroad. It offers more than 20 nursing study programs in partnership with over 15 universities and colleges in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. As thousands of nursing students graduate every year in India, they can immensely benefit from the international training programs and courses. These programs are specially designed for nurses to help them prepare to study and work in other countries. INSCOL aims at transforming these Internationally Educated Nurses to global nurses with international careers and experiences which will enable them to work anywhere in the world.So, if you are on the lookout for post graduate nursing programs in UK or MSc nursing in UK for Indian students, you can contact INSCOL through the website for further details.


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