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Nursing courses in canada

As a common perception, nurses are required to provide support to doctors in carrying out different tasks, especially during surgeries and other critical illnesses. Once the doctor’s job is over, it is the nurses who take care of the patients. Nurses should have proper knowledge of all the requisite things needed in providing healthcare to patients and especially, those suffering from terminal diseases. It includes complete knowledge of operating different medical devices and equipment without showing any signs of pressure or panic. However, now the role of nurses has gained so much importance in the healthcare settings that there is a growing need of nurse managers who can supervise junior or trainee nurses and work in coordination with the medical practitioners to provide better and systematic services to the patients.

Canada, one of the major countries in North America, has much to offer when it comes to job opportunities for healthcare professionals, including nurses. Developing countries like India, where thousands of students graduate in different healthcare courses every year, can benefit from such opportunities. Keeping this in mind, INSCOL, a leading healthcare service provider in India, has started various nursing programs in collaboration with premium universities and colleges based in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. One of the programs, the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership & Management offers a post-graduate certificate to nurses looking for career options as nursing administrators and nurse managers in the healthcare industry.

In order to get admission in the above-mentioned program, the applicants must have completed a Diploma/Degree in nursing and should be a member of Indian Nursing Council. Additionally, the IELTS requirements of the candidates should be minimum 6.5 bands overall with no component less than 6.0 bands. This program is offered in partnership with Seneca College, Toronto and would be held at the Markham Campus of the college. It includes a 4-6 weeks of foundation course to make the nurses well versed in their academic studies and IT as well as soft skills. Divided into two semesters, this nursing leadership program in Toronto focuses on the leadership and management content to develop the needed leadership and management skills of working nurses.

So, if you meet the discussed requirements and are looking to study nursing leadership and management, you can get in touch with us through our website and learn more about the program.


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