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Practicing new skill sets and learning from cross cultures are two essentials of development for nurses. Unlike the historical days, new age nurses do not restrict themselves to performing predefined roles of patient care. In developed nations, nurses are leaders and they get to work with different groups of healthcare professionals, increasing the scope of learning.

The changing practices and learning methods have a positive reflection on the mindset of nursing students. With a vision for personal and professional growth, it is important to see places and make observations based upon your experiences. For example, if you study nursing in Canada, you can understand that there is a strong connection between healthcare and technology. This connection positively reflects towards the upliftment of healthcare sector in the country.

Hence, studying international nursing programs is key to success for students who want to work in foreign settings. For a better understanding, let’s know more about the benefits of studying nursing programs in a foreign location.

study nursing in canada

    •International nursing programs pave a pathway to enter the profession of nursing on a global level.
    •These programs introduce you to modern technology and make you well equipped to have a stable career as a nurse.
    •One can never feel that the career stagnancy is taking place. There is always a choice to study multiple nursing disciplines. Doing so helps you to develop a mindset of evolving with the changing professional requirements.
    •Students with limited exposure in their native countries get more hands-on experience when studying nursing in other developed countries.

So, moving on from the benefits, let’s discuss specifically about why you should study nursing in Canada.
Transition of countries is a beneficial way of studying for nurses. It helps them to understand the cultural competence and the intercultural sensitivity, which is necessary for growth. Canada as a nation is dedicated towards meeting the ever-changing healthcare conditions of the people and this calls for an increased demand for international nurses.

international nursing programs

To make the nurses internationally competent, the country has a variety of study programs that are created after considering the needs and requirements of the system. In the present scenario, not only Canada but also other developed nations have a recognition for international nurses.

To practice nursing in a foreign land, you must complete certain educational requirements. Well, there are internationally recognized study programs, which can help you to do so. Mentioned below is a variety of education programs, each varying in terms of curriculum, duration and benefits.

Types of International Nursing Programs

Studying nursing programs abroad can be life changing for international students because the volume of exposure they bring along is in leaps. Not to forget, becoming successful in your field majorly depends upon the country you choose to study in.

Mainly, three types of International Nursing Programs are in demand. Let’s discuss the scope and relevance of each in detail.

masters in nursing

Bachelor of Nursing

After high school, a majority of students enter the nursing field by studying Bachelor of Nursing. Thus, the program helps the students to have their first insights about the nursing profession. Put simply, Bachelor of Nursing is an essential study program, which lays the foundation for you to set new educational and professional targets. The degree program has a duration of 3 to 4 years, which varies as per the different education systems followed around the world.

Bachelor of Nursing is an education program, which works like an introductory force and brings clarity about the basic nursing concepts. Usually, the course structure includes a range of subjects as mentioned below.

    • Fundamentals of Nursing
    • Science for Nursing
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Nursing & Wellness
    • Clinical practices

These are a few common subjects, which form the curriculum for most of the BSc Nursing programs. However, there are many more which are of variable nature. After completing Bachelor of Nursing from a recognized institute of learning, it is possible to enter the professional field in full capacity. You can start with the basic patient care practices and later go for additional study programs. Doing so, helps to climb up the ladder of your nursing career.

For an easy understanding about Bachelor of Nursing, here we have a video that explains at length about the program and why you must start your nursing career with Bachelor of Nursing. The student experiences shared in this video can also help you to make a quick decision and start right on time.

VIDEO: Bachelor of Science Nursing

Masters in Nursing – the right option?

Taking a step further after graduation, students often choose to study Masters in Nursing. Studying a postgraduate degree after Bachelor of Nursing is beneficial as it helps you to earn more money, later in your career. Subjects and curriculum of a masters program often help you to deepen the knowledge about the subjects you study during the graduate program.

However, there are few drawbacks of choosing Masters in Nursing. The program can come across to be over-burdening, as it requires huge amount of funds, without a surety of getting a stable job. One of the other reasons why less students study Masters in Nursing is that the program offers limited scope of gaining knowledge about different disciplines. In a duration of two years, there is limited liberty to study the subjects of your liking.
One of the highly recommended study option for international nurses is to choose specialization programs. Those who have a set agenda to study and settle abroad often choose postgraduate specialization programs. After completing Bachelor of Nursing, many students prefer to study nursing in Canada as it is rewarding and helps in establishing your international nursing career.

Postgraduate Specialization Programs

Students in Canada prefer to study postgraduate specialization programs for a variety of benefits. Firstly, it turns out to be an economical option as it saves your time and funds. In addition, it gives you the liberty to gain knowledge about different nursing disciplines.

In two years, you can complete two specialization programs and prepare to be a registered nurse. Doing so can improve your chances to be eligible for writing the NCLEX examination.

So, stated above are the different international study options you must consider when taking an international route for your career. Before making a choice, it’s important to understand that the profession of nursing is not all about having your nose in a book. A lot of hands-on experience with patients is required, to be the best at what you do.

international nursing programs

Once you decide to study international nursing programs, it’s good to conduct a self-assessment that makes sure if you’re prepared for the big ride. Your decision should serve a purpose and it is important to predict how it will strengthen your career. After considering all these factors, you can also check the options for different countries.

Ideally, Canada should be on top of your priority list as the country has an alarmingly high demand for nursing professionals. Students who study nursing in Canada have an abundance of scope to flourish in this field.

Nursing as it is has a global market, which makes the profession highly in demand. It can be exhausting to be a nurse but it’s definitely worth it if you’re at the right place. So, evaluate all that you can and make a choice towards a better future.


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