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Ontario, Canada is a haven for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) to start aspiring for the next big stage; to refine their possessed skills, and make use of the same to find a role in the mainstream healthcare sector. Registered nurses all over the world have found their niche by helping critically ill patients, and diagnosed individuals time and over again. Nurses are a boon to this generation of doctors, who are constantly on the job to treat and serve a host of patients; the numbers just keep increasing, thus leading to a severe shortage of quality doctors and nursing professionals in major towns and cities across the globe.

To counter the shortage – INSCOL in partnership with the leading universities and colleges in Canada, NZ among other countries offers specialized courses designed keeping in mind the need of this generation. Key programs included in the list are Critical Care Nursing,Coronary Care, Palliative Care, Nursing Leadership & Management, and more.

INSCOL has primarily focused on helping internationally educated nurses develop their skills further to secure top-positional jobs in hospitals, trauma centers, clinics, and highly sophisticated Intensive Care Units (ICUs). The nursing study in Canada is second to none, and we focus extensively on each – making them capable of handling the worldly pressure and equipping them with the wiring to withstand the most complex of situations. One needs to be proactive, while working as a nursing professional, where someone’s life solely depends on how well you manage the whole set of operations.

Most newbies who sign up to become a professional nurse do so because of their social upheaval and because they aspire to help individuals suffering, or in search of quality assistance. To help IENs get a better exposure – Postgraduate nursing courses in Canada have been optimized in a way that graduate nurses benefit from them directly, giving their career a viable direction in search of growth and better jobs in the best medical facilities on a global front.

You too can become a Global Nurse – with INSCOL’s Graduate Certificate Courses in Palliative Care, Nursing Leadership & Management, Coronary Care Nursing, Gerontology, and Community Mental Health – choose as per your interest & broaden your horizon on the nursing front.


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