Gerontology in Canada: Unique and exclusive nursing programs for nurses with special interests

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Nursing in Canada is not just a regular job, it is a profession that requires in-depth knowledge and job-specific skills for the task at hand. With a specific concentration on the needs, challenges and concerns of Canada’s aging population, there are exclusive nursing programs underway to integrate the knowledge base, professional values and skill sets.

Need for the Gerontology program to serve Canada’s aging population –

Like many other developed countries, Canada too has a fair share of aging population. But what sets them uniquely apart, is the collaborative approach enacted in the healthcare system followed by the aging research initiatives. More than 14% of the overall population in Canada is above the age of 65, meaning that by the year 2020, more than one in five Canadians will be over 65.

Canada takes pride in a publicly funded health care system that guarantees universal coverage for health care services on the basis of need, rather than the ability to pay. For similar reasons, aging research has developed rapidly in the last decade and is expected to change the landscape of public and health care policies. This development has opened doors for internationally educated nurses to secure a promising career as a nurse in Canada – a golden opportunity, indeed!

Gerontology Program for IENs –

The Gerontology Program for IENs, offered by INSCOL in partnership with colleges in Canada, is ideal for nurses who are interested in enhancing their core knowledge and leadership skills in caring for the aged population in diverse settings. Graduates from the program, with their previous professional credentials will be equipped to give exemplary service to the ever-growing older population of Canada.

The Gerontology program in Canada gives opportunities to internationally educated nurses (IENs) to engage in personal change and growth, work cohesively as a team member, integrate and apply professional ethics, meet deadlines and learn to balance the various outcomes of various subjects.

What does the Gerontology Post Graduate Certificate provide ?

The Gerontology program is ideal for nurses who are interested in enhancing their foundational knowledge and building leadership skills in caring for the health of older adults in diverse settings. Graduates of this program will combine their new, advanced learning with their previous professional credentials and experience to provide exemplary service to this growing population.

Employment opportunities –
For candidates pursuing the gerontology program, wide range of employment opportunities fall in line,
– Business and industry
– Clinics and Medical Centres (focused on the geriatric population)
– Community Agencies
– Hospitals – Acute and Rehab
– Long Term Care
– Senior Centres


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