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If you are already a nursing graduate and want to further pursue short-term nursing programs, you can take up nursing top-up programs that can open up various career opportunities for you. This is a good way to stay in touch with the updated course curriculum and hone your skills to stand out in the crowd and become the preferred choice of employers.

Choosing to study abroad for top-up programs is a good choice in this context as it gives a global perspective to the student. The career prospects multiply once you finish the top up program as most developed countries are facing a shortage of nursing professionals. It is estimated that approximately 66,000 nurses will be needed by 2022 alone. Moreover, living & working abroad offers a better standard of life and income.

If you have been planning to apply for a nursing program to become a Global Nurse, there are many good options in Canada. The country is known for its cosmopolitan culture that is known to welcome immigrants with open arms. It has some of most renowned educational institutions that follow high standards of education and discipline. Their research and innovation is beyond compare. In addition, the tuition fee for academic courses in Canada is lower than that of UK and US.

Students studying in Canada can work while studying. They can work part-time to manage finances efficiently in a foreign land. Also, Canada offers a post graduate work permit which is a big advantage For instance, if your program is 1 year long, then you will get a 1 year work permit post completion. Relevant education and experience helps add points on the permanent residency application – making it easier to qualify for PR.

Understanding this need for good quality higher education, INSCOL, a leading facilitator of career pathway progression for nurses, has partnered with leading colleges in Canada to offer specialized nursing programs to aspiring students and working professionals. The courses offered by INSCOL have a student-centric approach that involvec international standard hands-on training which prepares the students for the global markets. Seneca College and Niagara College are some of the institutions that provide nursing top-up courses in Canada.


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