How To Care For Patients Suffering From Cardiac Arrest?

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When a person suffers from a cardiac arrest, it is too sudden and unexpected and the patient does not get enough time or chance to receive medical attention. It is the most dangerous form of heart attack as the heart suddenly stops working and the blood supply to different body organs is completely cut off. Within four minutes of its occurrence, the brain tissues start dying and if the patient does not receive any medical attention for ten minutes or more, in 95% cases, he/she might die. The only symptom occurring in case of heart ailments is chest pain. American Heart Association has developed specialized programs that help people to survive cardiac arrests using advanced instruments and technologies like automated external defibrillators (AED) and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) respectively. But, these processes require precise and quick handling that can only be performed by trained nurses and emergency medical response teams.

We are providing exclusive nursing programs to prepare nurses who can attend to heart patients based on the guidelines of American Heart Association programs. Some of these programs also cover advanced cardiac life support training for the nurses to work with patients who have less time to survive. If you are looking for a good career option and would like to become a savior of mankind, you can connect with us now!


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