Improving Patient-Safety in Nursing Education through Patient-Simulation

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Simulation techniques are today extensively adopted in nursing education to improve the skills of healthcare providers. The distressing rise in morbidity and mortality among patients throughout the nation has raised a concern regarding professional competency. With an intent to produce better nursing professional’s simulation based learning techniques are encouraged in nursing education to ensure best and safe patient care.

In simulation based learning students get to learn in a pro-active environment wherein clinical scenarios are replicated as closely as possible giving students a realistic view while not causing any harm to the live patients. This technique develops critical thinking and clinical decision making ability among students while giving them more confidence.

There are so many training programs and simulation based workshops conducted by leading healthcare organizations for fresh graduates and continuing education for nurses giving them a platform to update their knowledge, improve their skills and expertise so that expert patient care is delivered. This programs have been proved beneficial as it optimizes the outcome and minimizes the errors.

At INSCOL’s Centre of Continuing Education – it’s INSCOL Centre for Continuing Education, simulation-based learning workshops and training courses are provided to nurses and healthcare professionals enabling them to practice under unique a clinical scenario that is otherwise not possible in a hospital setting. All these programs are tailored for Indian nurses and focus on developing effective communication skills, clinical decision-making problem-solving skills. Participants after successfully attending these workshops earn an international certification from recognized foreign universities while they are studying or working in India.

Further, INSCOL offers a wide range of simulation based training workshops for Indian Nurses such as Birth emergencies & maternal advanced life support, airway management, advanced neurological assessment, advanced cardiovascular assessment, clinical decision-making and the deteriorating adult patient, ECG made easy, human factors in nursing, urinary catheterization and more. All these workshop are conducted by experts in the specific field.

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