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When we talk about career-oriented nursing programs, General Duty Assistant is one career we cannot miss.

We all know how the healthcare sector in India is growing rapidly. Not only is this sector experiencing an increasing demand for human resources, the demand is across verticals, too. That’s exactly why professionals like General Duty Assistants are in high demand.

Who Are General Duty Assistants, What Do They Do?

Nursing Care Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Nursing Aides, Bedside Assistants, Orderlies, or simply General Duty Assistants are meant to look over the patients’ daily care, safety, and comfort. It’s their job to overlook the patients’ health needs and maintain a suitable environment for them. General Duty Assistants also make sure that patients eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Work Environment and Working Hours

A General Duty Assistant is not a desk job, and there is no option to work from home. On the other hand, you might find it easier because you don’t have to a handle a team. You may also be lucky enough to travel as a part of your job.

As far as the working hours are concerned, you may opt for a shift system. This, however, varies from clinic to clinic.

Personality Traits of a Good General Duty Assistant

An employer will always choose the candidate who is a good team player. Not only should the individual be compassionate and caring, he/she should also be service and result-oriented. Most General Duty Assistants you’ll meet in your lifetime will have good communication skills, promote ethical behavior, and have the ability to think critically.

Career Prospective and Progression Path

A General Duty Assistant can work toward a promotion to the profile of a Clinical Nurse Supervisor, and thenon to the position of a Head Nurse. Clearly, there is scope of growth in the career of a General Duty Assistant.

Probable employers include large hospitals across India, as well as Indian medical research institutes.

In addition, factually, as far as the demand of healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, technicians and paramedics – is concerned, technicians and paramedics account for over 75% of the increasing human resource recruitment.

Do you desire a certificate by the Health Sector Skills Council, Government of India in the field of General Duty Assistant? Congratulations, you’ve landed in the right place. Moreover, if you want to study and work abroad, you can explore detailed information about specialty nursing programs for international nurses at INSCOL.

Author – Shalini Sharma


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