Need of Continuing Education in Nursing Profession

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The healthcare field is continuously progressing in terms of technological advances, patient care trends, improved theories on ailments, reformed protocols and more. To keep abreast with ever changing healthcare practices and provide effective medical care, continuing education is considered critical for nurses. It is believed that nurses have a professional as well as legal responsibility to update their knowledge and skills from time to time and effectively apply these newly gained skills in patient care.

Here is one major reason that reflects the need of continuing education in nursing:

When nursing aspirants are in the school, they are provided with the latest facts and data available in the nursing field. However, in the changing healthcare setting information quickly become outdated. Moreover, advanced technology, better medical procedure, treatments, medications, are introduced every now and then, so in such a competitive scenario it becomes imperative for nurses to educate themselves continuously to provide best possible patient care.

It is observed that hospitals and other healthcare organizations also provide training to their nurses from time to time regarding latest clinical techniques, use of new equipment and more. However it is the professional responsibility of nurses to keep pace with the evolving practices in the medical field by joining continuing education courses.

Moreover in countries like Canada, U.S in order to maintain and renew state licensure nurses are supposed to successfully complete a minimum number of CE hours in an identified time-frame. A wide variety of CE courses are offered by many reputed healthcare organizations especially designed for working nurses.

INSCOL Center for Continuing Education (CCE) is an initiative that caters to Indian nursing fraternity with an attempt to acquaint them with latest developments in medical field worldwide. It offers simulation based trainings and pioneering workshops to nurses and other healthcare professionals that enable them to practice under unique clinical scenarios which are often difficult to access in a hospital setting.

Further, INSCOL CCE offers a wide range of courses and simulation based training tailored for Indian Nurses such as Birth emergencies & maternal advanced life support, airway management, advanced neurological assessment, advanced cardiovascular assessment, and more. Besides, hands on exposure on industry best simulation equipment participants have a unique advantage of earning International Certification from foreign universities while they study or work in India.

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