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A substantial boost in the health care system has led Canada to become a highly preferred destination for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) looking to develop their career ahead. Most of the international nursing professionals in Canada who are successful in scaling up new heights in their professional careers have special expertise in skills such as emergency department, operating rooms, dealing with critical patients, being morally supportive, etc.

With that being said, there are some significant highlights that nursing job seekers must be aware of to secure a good nursing job in Canada. Firstly, it is recommended to study nursing in Canada and improve your chances of becoming eligible to work as a Registered Nurse (RN). To find programs that are in accord with your educational history and future goals, you can choose to study nursing programs in Toronto.

Nursing study in canada

Secondly, it must be kept in mind that the procedure of getting a job in Canada differs from one province to another. This usually means that it is important for the candidate to have a destination or more than one in mind as the research is completed.

An accomplished nursing career requires a person to pursue nursing study in Canada and train in skills that are essential for you to become a part of the Canadian healthcare workforce. As much as a nursing career can be demanding, it is also one of the most lucrative careers in the healthcare field. Not only nursing is a well-paid profession but it also has a huge scope of growth.

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In case you aspire to make a career in the field of nursing then this is the best time to take action. A famous report by Canadim mentioned that according to the Canadian Nurses Association, a shortage of over 60,000 nurses will prevail by the year 2022.

Regardless of the fact, there are multiple opportunities to make an accomplished nursing career in Canada, as there is a shortage of nurses in the country. A considerable voice in the Canadian government, professional circles, and a great healthcare system make Canada a good destination to work as a nurse. With strong growth in the training opportunities, given below are some reasons why Canada is the best country to be employed as a nurse?


In comparison to other countries, Canada is a country that has been recorded to have a great public healthcare care system. This potentially means that almost all residents of the country have easy access to high-quality healthcare facilities. At the same time, this also means that with population growth, an increasing number of nurses are required in almost all sectors of the healthcare industry.

With an increasing population of ageing people in Canada, there has been a significant increase in the demand for nurses. Taking an example of Ontario; one of the biggest population units comprising of the people born from 1946 to 1964 is now aging. At present, the ratio of nurses to every 1 million people is 72:100,000 which is way behind than the average needed. Therefore, Canada needs nurses immediately.

Pursuing nursing study in Canada gets you closer to the eligibility of becoming a registered nurse. Once you become a Registered Nurse, you might not find any shortage of employment opportunities.

Since nurses can get hired by any medical facility, there is a wide range of possibilities out there in Canada. There is a dire need for preventive caregivers such as nurses who can provide a great value to the society and the quality of life every individual deserves to live in the country.


A majority of the Canadian provinces are assisting their nurses to secure full-time employment. Since Canada is facing a shortage of nurses, the country understands the need for nurses pretty well.

Therefore, sincere efforts are being made to help in educating the students and then help them find work because a strong nursing workforce is needed for the country. The Canadian government is mindful of the fact that they need nurses for the growing population and so, lucrative career opportunities are being introduced increasingly.

Some of the older statistics state that only half of the nurses in the country were working full time. Since then, the government has been introducing initiatives for better working opportunities. With more and more people filing for health care registration, this demand for nurses will grow even further.

Pursuing well-known nursing programs in Toronto makes way for better chances of becoming a registered nurse. You can also consider renowned colleges like Seneca College and Niagara College as their study programs consist of modules that help you build the necessary professional skill set to find relevant opportunities.


Nurses in Canada have the flexibility to choose from both part-time and full time working options. This makes nursing an adaptable career option. Based on their lifestyles, nurses in Canada can choose to work during morning, day, evening or night shifts.

In addition, registered nurses can also work at multiple places with International placement opportunities being presented. They can travel and work in multiple sectors ranging from private to public health and community centres.

Nursing study in Canada also opens opportunities to work as an education consultant within the health organizations or become an educator directly in the field.


There are multiple professional support groups in Canada that are made specifically for the nurses. These groups are made to help the nurses achieve professional success.

Since there can be a wide range in age, experience, and preferences, there are mentorship opportunities to guide the nurses. Irrespective of the fact if a nurse is still starting out or has reached somewhere mid-career, nurses are considered to be a resource.

The culture of nursing is such in Canada that it motivates a cooperative working style and mentorship in all measures. The nursing associations have a great history of designing public policies that help in offering better care. These associations have also worked for an enhanced working standard at almost every level of nursing.

Due to the fact that the nurses play an important role in the health care system, working had become much better for the patients and the nurses alike.


Although, there are many urban areas where nurses can find quality work, the nursing candidates still have the ability to choose from a long list of places. The crowded and culturally diverse hubs of the country, such as Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, Vancouver, etc. have a huge population. For example; graduating from credible nursing programs in Toronto can later help you in finding a significant amount of work in the city.

In case you aspire to do some groundbreaking work while facing rigorous challenges then there are high chances that you will do great in these busy cities. Bigger the size of the cities, the better will be an opportunity to work with accomplished doctors in those cities. Also, there will be an opportunity to learn new methods of offering care and making the patients happy from experienced registered nurses.

So, if you think that you would like the hustle and bustle of a big city then it will be easier for you to make money and live happily. As opposed to this, if you want to work in less crowded areas, even then there is a considerable chance for you to have a successful career because there is a great need for talented nursing professionals in rural areas too.

Some of the remote places in Northern Canada have been known to have nursing professionals who enjoy immense job satisfaction and learning experience.


Canada has a nursing policy secretariat in the country. The fundamental function of this secretariat is to provide a prominent voice and advice on the health policies from the perspective of nurses. The voice of nurses in the government provides a constructive viewpoint on the methods in which healthcare can be improvised in the country.

Since the nurses have a first-hand experience in offering high-quality health care, the Canadian government is always keen on taking suggestions from experienced nurses. It is well understood that any researcher can offer strategic advice but only the nurses can offer real inputs on care giving policies.

Undoubtedly, nursing in Canada has attained the status of being an ultimate solution for prevailing health crises and challenges. Therefore, a career in the field should be preferred by all means in the country.

nursing programs in toronto


All the reasons listed above are a testament to the fact that nursing is a great career in Canada. Not only is it profitable but it is also satisfactory. In the coming times, a significant rise is expected in the hiring of nurses.

Therefore, this is the right time to make the most of this opportunity by applying for a credible and well-known college such as the Seneca College, Niagara College, etc. for a nursing study in Canada. Graduating from these colleges will put you in a much better position to become an accomplished nurse in the country.


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