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Nursing is a field that focuses on enhancing the health and well-being of people and societies. As the nursing profession has continued to evolve and become more specialized, there has been a rise in the number of models and framework-specific practice areas.  Rehabilitation is a nursing specialty that is practiced in multiple settings and focuses on many things including acute rehabilitation settings, home health, acute care, long-term acute care, outpatient settings, etc. A rehabilitation nurse is a professional who completes nursing education and training to help patients suffering from injuries, lead a normal and independent life.  Here, we will discuss the scope of rehabilitation nursing in Canada by understanding the discipline comprehensively. 

Who Is a Rehabilitation Nurse? 

Think about having a disability that limits a person’s ability to carry out normal functions such as walking, talking, sitting, etc. There are some patients for whom these disabilities become reasons for leading a very difficult life.  If these injuries are caused because of a serious accident or a traumatic event then the road to recovery from these medical problems can be long stretched. However, rehabilitation can allow a person to restore normal function and lead a normal life.  Rehabilitation nursing allows nurses to be extremely supportive and encouraging. After completing nursing study in Canada, a rehabilitation nurse gets trained to help patients feel empowered by giving them hope and helping them reach seemingly impossible goals.  The education, duties and career of a rehabilitation nurse revolve around pushing the patients past their own limits and overcoming odds. Since the rehabilitation nurses work with the same patients regularly, they also get a chance to establish strong relationships with their patients and loved ones. In addition to being a caregiver, a rehabilitation professional will also be perceived as a friend and a source of support during tough times. 

What Does a Rehabilitation Nurse Do? 

The end goal of a rehabilitation nurse is to help individuals suffering from a disability attain and maintain maximum function. The rehabilitation nurses help patients in adapting to a changed lifestyle while offering a healing environment. They strategize and implement treatment plans that are based on scientific nursing theories taught during their nursingstudy in Canada.  Rehabilitation nurses promote physical, emotional, mental, psychosocial, and spiritual health. They work in inpatient and outpatient settings that can be found in a wide range of acute and sub-acute rehabilitation facilities.  

Diverse roles played by a rehabilitation nurse are not limited to but include the following. Roles of a rehabilitation nurse are mentioned below.  

  • A rehab nurse is responsible for educating and assisting patients to live with and manage chronic illnesses and injuries. 
  • The rehabilitation nurses also help patients in returning back to their normal lives after they get seriously injured. 
  • These nurses prepare the patients and their families for self-care and decision-making responsibilities by encouraging independence and focusing on goal achievement. 
  • A rehabilitation nurse teaches specific nursing techniques to help patients and their families develop self-care skills needed to move towards full rehabilitation. 
  • Responsible for coordinating with different members of a healthcare team, rehabilitation nurses facilitate achievement of overall goals. 
  • A rehabilitation nurse plays the role of an educational and information source for the nursing staff, patients, and other clinical staff as well. 
  • A rehabilitation nurse is in charge of performing hands-on nursing care by using different processes that focus on achieving quality health outcomes for patients. 

Other than the medical aspect, the rehabilitation nurses must be generally supportive and inspiring. This is because the recovery process for many patients can be frustrating and gruelling getting past which can become easy with the support of a rehab nurse. A rehab nurse is trained to gently guide the patient to push past their limits to reach goals and a positive attitude and patient care abundance are excellent traits for this role. 

How to Become a Rehabilitation Nurse? 

Obtaining a degree by studying nursing in Canada is the first and most important step in beginning your career as a rehabilitation nurse. After you have earned a nursing degree and further fulfilled the academic requirements needed to be a nurse, you can apply for the NCLEX-RN licensing examination. Once this exam has been passed, you will become eligible to apply for a nursing license through the province nursing board.  In addition, there are other options to continue education courses that introduce RNs to standard rehabilitation nursing concepts. Advanced practice nurses hold postgraduate nursing courses specific to their role as nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. Once you have become a registered nurse, you can pursue different courses centered on rehabilitation nursing.  The rehabilitation nurses can also increase their employment opportunities and compensation by earning certified credentials. Usually gaining certified credentials requires the nurses to pass an examination and have two years of experience in rehabilitation nursing. 

Where do Rehabilitation Nurses Work

The rehabilitation nurses work at outpatient rehabilitation centres. However, it is also possible to find employment as a rehab nurse at the below-mentioned healthcare settings: 

  • Home health care agencies 
  • Community Hospitals 
  • Rehabilitation facilities 
  • Long term acute care centres 
  • Assisted Living Facilities 
  • Patients’ home 

Rehabilitation Nursing Salary and Employment in Canada 

This is an exciting time to become a rehabilitation nurse in Canada. There are many developments within this field that make it a challenging and desirable field to work and grow.  Plus, there are various individuals seen in hospitals suffering from chronic illnesses including cardiac issues, orthopaedic disorders and neurological problems, etc., etc.   In the near future, the demand for rehabilitation nurses is expected to grow in Canada. Typically, rehabilitation nurses earn around $78,809 per year or $40.42 per hour in Canada. The entry-level positions begin at $76,362 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $83,168 per year.  

Conclusion:  Rehabilitation is centred on promoting self-care in patients and everyone else. It is a field that is slated to grow in the coming time and has wide scope. 


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