Six Nursing Specialties You Must Study in Canada

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Canada is a second home to the majority of Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs). With a vision to be a part of the globally recognized healthcare system, IENs are studying nursing in Canada. Making this choice can serve various purposes but one must always be careful when it comes to choosing nursing specialties in Canada. 

After studying nursing in Canada, you can explore multitudes of career opportunities on a global scale. However, it is important to know that only education can help you realize the potential of new opportunities coming your way. 

Keeping in mind the demand for nurses with specialized education in the country, INSCOL offers you tailor-made nursing programs in Canada. There are many nursing specialties in Canada that can be chosen if you wish to pursue higher education in nursing. 

Our postgraduate nursing programs are the best pick in terms of affordability, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness. They can also help you in paving your pathway towards nursing registration in Canada. So, here we have some more information about the six specialization programs you must study in Canada. Also, we bring you all the right reasons to study them with INSCOL! 

1. Palliative Care Multidiscipline 

Overview:  Palliative Care Multidiscipline is one of the popular nursing specialties in Canada that is focused on providing care to patients who have serious illnesses. The main goal of studying this postgraduate nursing program in palliative care is to improve the life quality of patients and support their families to overcome stressful times. 

Reasons to choose this program: Palliative Care is one of our highly appreciated nursing programs in Canada. Studying a postgraduate program in palliative care could be the right choice for you as the country has an alarming rate of patients with life-limiting illnesses 

With an in-depth study of palliative care, you can definitely tap employment opportunities in the healthcare sector of the country and also serve the purpose of helping individuals battling terminal diseases. 

Since the baby boomer population continues to rise in Canada, there will be a need for many more Palliative care nurses. Hence, this nursing study has a great scope in the upcoming future. 

2. Nursing Leadership & Management 

Overview: In the profession of nursing, it is important to work on your leadership and management skills. Studying this nursing program in Canada will not only make you better at your job but will also open a gateway to employment opportunities on the managerial front.

You can be a part of the important decision-making like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. If you are looking forward to climbing the professional career ladder in a comparatively short period of time then Nursing Leadership and Management is one of the best nursing specialties in Canada. 

Reasons to choose this program: Leadership is one of the essential qualities for nurses and a dedicated study program to hone your leadership and management skills is the best possible way to go about it. 

With our postgraduate certificate in nursing leadership & management, unlock new career opportunities in leadership and managerial roles in Canada. For an elaborated understanding of leadership for nurses, you can find some useful insights right here. 

This is a course that empowers me with the skills and knowledge required for carrying out nursing leadership and management duties successfully in various healthcare settings. You can be involved in important decision-making processes that end up advancing the profession of nursing in Canada if you choose this program. 

3. Community Mental Health 

Overview: A community mental health nurse works with a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to treating individuals diagnosed with mental illness. With an international nursing program in mental health, you can learn how to provide care for a certain community. 

Being a community mental health nurse, you also need to work with appropriate community agencies to ensure a coordinated team treatment plan, as and when required. This is one of the nursing specialties in Canada that is focused on the improvement of mental healthcare services. 

Reasons to choose this program: For the past few years, mental health has been getting its due importance as people are becoming more aware of the stigmas and myths attached to it. This rising awareness calls for an increased demand for mental health nurses. 

With our postgraduate nursing program in community mental health, you can explore the issues and trends in the mental health field in Canada. Successful completion of this program opens a gateway to career opportunities in the healthcare sector of Canada. 

4. Chronic Disease Management 

Overview: Chronic disease management is another one of the nursing specialties in Canada that falls in the widely preferred nursing programs. You can gain insights into helping individuals impacted by chronic health conditions like diabetes, asthma, depression, arthritis, etc. by pursuing this nursing program.  

Studying chronic disease management is important to help patients live healthier, longer life. Chronic diseases limit the growth of many patients while restricting them to lead a normal life. By becoming a chronic disease management nurse, you can empower these patients and help them heal effectively. 

Reasons to choose this program: With our postgraduate certificate in chronic disease management, you can gain knowledge about the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Being a relatively new specialization, chronic disease management has a large scope of opportunities for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) in Canada. 

5. Coronary Care Nursing 

Overview: 1 in 12 Canadian adults is diagnosed with heart disease. This increasing number of heart patients has resulted in an increased demand for nurses specializing in coronary care. 

Hence, coronary care nursing is one of the widely chosen nursing specialties in Canada. Studying this nursing program in Canada can equip you with the knowledge and skills required to treat patients having cardiovascular problems. 

The completion of this course will enable you to assist in the caring of adult cardiovascular patients. You will be working in the treatment and rehabilitation after an episode such as a heart attack transpires. You may also perform resuscitations in case a patient goes into cardiac arrest. 

Reasons to choose this program: Nurses with an inclination towards cardiology should study our postgraduate nursing program in coronary care nursing. This program prepares you for advanced patient care practices to treat individuals experiencing cardiovascular illness. 

With a combination of practical and theoretical learning, you can get the experience of working in a globally competitive environment in Canada. Becoming a cardiovascular nurse is a highly sought-after position and uses extensive knowledge and skills regarding the heart. 

6. Gerontology 

Overview: Studying a specialization program in Gerontology can provide you with detailed knowledge about caring for the older population inflicted with life-limiting diseases. This is one of the nursing specialties in Canada that trains nurses to possess detailed knowledge, attitude, and skills to offer entry-level and culturally responsive care. 

Nursing care is offered in collaboration with older people and their families across the continuum of care and in multiple healthcare settings. 

Reasons to choose this program: Studying a postgraduate certificate program in Gerontology is the best for nurses who wish to enhance their foundational knowledge for caring for older adults. Being a Gerontology nurse, you will offer comfort and support to the older person who is on the death bed.  

It usually benefits the requirement of an additional program and increases the chances of global opportunities. Specializing as a geriatric nurse makes you capable of caring for older adults in diverse healthcare settings. 


Now that you know about the nursing specialties in Canada, it is now time that you act by choosing the one that suits your interest and register for admission. 

To assist you in making the right choice, INSCOL’s program representatives offer a free consultation to answer all your questions. Begin your global nursing career by reaching out to us at 




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