Understand Your Career as a Nurse Leader. What are Your Options?

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As a nurse, you have a lifetime of learning ahead. You can apply many of the things learned in the nursing school. Maybe, you’ll forget most of it. However, random snippets of the studies will keep on coming back to you, now and again.

While the process, however, you have to understand your career as a nurse and the options available. If you’re a student or even if you’re a nurse already, it’s never too late or too early to choose or switch to novelty.

What are your options?

Shift Supervisor

We know how night shifts turn out to be casual. While for nurses, it’s better not to get interferences and instead a bit of freedom, it’s necessary to manage the nursing staff during the specific shifts. A shift supervisor helps in-

  • Dividing the work assignments
  • Coordinate the staff
  • Deal with the patient complaints
  • Also, perform clinical duties, if needed
  • Other administrative duties
Nurse Manager

The key responsibilities of a nurse manager may certainly vary as per the different kind of tasks at different kind of premises. Broadly, a nurse manager is meant to-

  • Supervise the staff in their assigned department
  • Coordinate the scheduling
  • Coordinate the budget
  • Hiring and training of staff

The key responsibilities of a nurse manager are different from a shift supervisor in terms of their roles. A shift supervisor has a comparatively limited role. However, both fall under leadership roles.


At times, nurses decide to advance their careers. Becoming an educator is a great option. All a nurse educator is needed to do is-

  • Teach the nursing students
  • Develop educational programs for nursing staff
  • Implement the nursing programs

You can always give a head start to your career. You can open the world of opportunities and become a global nurse! INSCOL aims at transforming the Indian Nurses to Global Nurses by enhancing their knowledge, skills and the professional conduct. In case you want to enhance your knowledge regarding the latest developments in the medical care worldwide, you can opt for INSCOL Centre of Continuing Education (CCE).

As an aspiring nursing student, you can also check for the Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership & Management offered by INSCOL in collaboration with Seneca College, Markham Campus, Toronto.


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