Why internationally educated nurses are opting for Specialized Nursing Programs in Canada

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Health policy analysts from all over the world have made a deliberate attempt to contemplate the reasons behind the exodus of quality nursing professionals from developing countries to the vibrant land of Canada.

A majority of the documented “push” and “pull” factors influencing Internationally Educated Nurses’ (IENs) decisions to flock down to Canada are fueled by below mentioned reasons.

Rationale behind the migration

1. Acute Shortage: Canada is in the firm grip of a dreadful nursing shortage; as per a study published by Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the nursing shortage reached an alarming state of 113,000 in 2011. These numbers are only worsening. This gives a rise to diffusion of IEN from other parts of the world to fill up the skilled workforce gap in Canada.

2. Ageing population: Registered nurses in Canada ranging between the ages of 20 to 24 is smaller than 1% of the total workforce. With low numbers of young nurses stepping into the profession, it is likely that the retiring nursing professionals will outnumber the nurses available to fill vacant positions. As a consequence, Canadian Health care Organizations are obliged to look at hiring Internationally Educated Nurses to bring in young minds to the profession.

3. Thriving economy: Being one the blue-chip economies in the world, Canada is attracting millions of IENs from around the world; the average salary offered in Canada to an RN is CAD 65,000 pa which is almost 15 times their salary amount.

4. Robust Laws: The health care system of Canada is among the top ten in the world, and the rights of the nursing professionals are well protected under the laws devised by the Canadian Government. This ensures a safe working environment for IENs to work in a friendly atmosphere that urges them to learn more.

5. Increased job opportunities: Canada expects 66,000 nurses by 2022. The migrated IENs have the chance to work in top-notch clinics, medical centers, community agencies, hospitals and long-term care centers in Canada.

Why us?

Acknowledging the growing need for skilled nurses in premium health care facilities around the globe, we have introduced highly specialized academic course for nursing in Canada for IEN in partnership with leading universities and colleges in Canada.

The impetus of these specialized nursing programs in Canada arose due to the ongoing demand for exceptionally skilled nurses to work in today’s complex health care environment.

With access to cut-throat medical facilities and modern technology, the prime objective of these bespoke programs is to impart knowledge on worldwide best practices in the health care industry to bring registered nurses at par with its counterparts.

Following the completion of these specialized nursing programs, the goal is to emphasize on the career progression of Internationally Educated Nurses and accomplish influential positions in the health care sector globally.





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