A News Excerpt – Filipino Nurses are Providing Best Care to Patients in Canadian Hospitals

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When Benigno Aquino III, the President of the Philippines, made a visit to Canada this year, the government of Canada announced that – “The Philippines was the top source country for new Canadian immigrants in 2014, surpassing China and India to claim the top spot”.

As expected, the overwhelming majority of Filipinos who moved to Canada to earn a living and pursue a career, exhibit qualities that are characteristically Canadian with a strong work ethic, professional spirit and all such traits that makes them highly in-demand professionals. The Caregiver Program (formerly the Live-In Caregiver Program) and Canada’s Family Class Sponsorship Programs endorsed many Filipinos to reach, move to permanent residency status and, in many cases, sponsor family members to join them in Canada.

When it comes to nurses working in healthcare facilities across Canada, there have been a constant growth in the demand of these patient care providers. With number of universities and colleges in Canada offering advanced learning programs to internationally educated nurses, Filipinos have been the ones grabbing the opportunity with both the hands open. With benefits of a rewarding career and an improved lifestyle, Canada has become the favorite destination among nursing professionals from Philippines.

However, not everything goes fine and assumed with everyone visiting Canada all the time. Here’s a story in which Filipinos have been poorly treated by a Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Ministry that often lacks compassion and foresight when it comes to assessing certain files.

Jazmine Talosig is a 14-year old daughter of Karen who came to Canada seven years ago to work as a caregiver. Four years ago, Karen made an application to sponsor her daughter to immigrate to Canada, but Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) tardily rejected the application. The reason was – she happens to be deaf, which means she is deemed inadmissible in Canada on medical grounds. The story reached to the House of Commons in Canada, portraying it as the government’s discriminatory immigration policy.

This isn’t meant to diminish the image of such a great nation where hundreds and thousands have already realized their dreams. Still, the bond that has been shared between Filipinos and Canadians has become stronger and fruitful over recent years. The Filipino community in Canada includes hard-working individuals and families that give more to this country than they could ever take back.

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(Source: The contents of this article is based on the information provided on http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-blog/2015/06/time-canada-give-care.html)


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