Health and Rehabilitation Nursing – Objectives, Roles and Education

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First of all, let us unveil what a health and rehabilitation nurse is. Any nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist can further sub-specialize as a rehabilitation nurse. For a fact, it’s all about working with patients who are suffering from a temporary, permanent or progressive disability. In case this type of illness affects the daily lifestyle of the patient, they may require staying under regular observation of a rehabilitation nurse.

A rehab nurse works as a part of a ‘rehab team’. The rehab team may consist of personnel such as- a primary care physician, a physical therapist, a spiritual counselor, all of them, or some of them. The team works as a united team, which makes sure that the patient gets the best possible care and medication (if needed).

Who does a Rehab Nurse Cure?

A rehab nurse has a wide range of patients to cure and take care of. The patient populations and types range from individuals who have recently gone through joint replacement surgery, individuals who have suffered a stroke, and sportsmen/women who get occupational injuries, people with acute spinal cord injuries or other chronic or progressive conditions.

What are the Objectives of Rehabilitation Nurse?

The objectives of a rehab nurse vary from person to person depending upon the nature as well as the stage of the condition of the patient. However, the objectives can be broadly listed as-

  • Preventing the secondary disability.
  • Improving the Patient’s body function.
  • Returning the patients to their former functioning state.
  • Assisting patients to adapt to a new state of functioning.

What are the Roles of a Rehab Nurse?

A rehab nurse roles are the most crucial and important part. You can easily identify a rehab nurse by these roles-

  • She plays an important role in the case management.
  • She contributes to the community health.
  • She acts as a consultant.
  • She plays the role of a nurse educator.
  • She also works as a researcher in the medical field.

Apparently, a rehab nurse has a huge realm of career options.

What are the Educational Requirements to Become a Rehab Nurse?

If you are thinking of pursuing a bright career in rehab nursing, you can opt for a Diploma in Health & Rehabilitation. This type of course targets to provide nursing students with the skills and knowledge of the health care sector and the role of the healthcare professional.

Moreover, this type of qualification lets you have an appreciation as a global nurse. For instance, INSCOL provides a Diploma in Health & Rehabilitation in Waiariki Institute of Technology, for a period of 15 months. Notably, a rehab nurse is supposed to have a bright and promising career ahead, for sure. It’s not an opportunity to stay amiss. The program status is yet accepting applications. For more information, please visit-


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