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Much has been said about a nurse’s impeccable compassion and ability to offer profound tender care and go the extra mile for a patients. Those who are looking for a career path to choose, nurses are a big source of inspiration and make us believe that it is a 100% fulfilling profession to pursue.

On researching about Filipino nurses who have made a name in the nursing industry and brought about a difference in the lives of their patients, two stories stood out.

Filipino nurses honored in UK:

The Philippine Embassy in London honored 2 Filipino nurses for their exemplary achievements and for being a source of pride for the Philippines as such.

Nurse of the year:

Clinical charge nurse Junjun Medran was conferred the “Nurse of the Year” award at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals during the 2011 Star Awards.

He was described by the awards committee and voters as – “kind, approachable and always ready to listen to any problem and always makes an effort to solve them.”

Nurse Junjun is a native of Mindoro and first arrived in UK in the year 1999. Apparently,his “God-centred values” and “Filipino compassion” were singled out as the key traits that won him the award.

Meanwhile, another native of Camarines Sur, Mr. Favor was also recognized with a Service Improvement Award in March 2011 for his work as a nurse practitioner in Queen Victoria Hospital, West Sussex.

Mr. Favor arrived in the UK in 2000 to work as a nurse. He quickly rose from being a Filipino community leader to a cross-cultural public servant in the historic town in southeast England.

He said, “Filipinos in the UK have “great potentials” to be leaders, not only of fellow Filipinos but of other nationalities as well, mainly because of their work ethic, willingness to serve and firm commitment to do what they promise.”

Nursing remains to be a challenging, most demanding and nerve-wrecking profile, but its more than worth it if you pursue a course that only hones your skills in the practical field but also provides excellent career opportunities.

Our healthcare experts educate nurses for a global nursing career with best practices in the healthcare industry through partnership with leading global colleges and universities. We offer international nursing programs in Philippines such as Critical Care Nursing, Acute Complex Care Nursing, Coronary Care Nursing, Health and Rehabilitation Nursing and so on.

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