Reasons Why Hiring of Filipino Nurses Is Popular in Canada

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At the present moment, nursing in Canada is considered as one of the most popular professions. However, there is a major shortage of registered nurses in the country which is further aggravated by the average age population that is getting increased year after year as an increasing number of Canadian nurses are getting retired.

Particularly, a thing that must be noted is that there is not sufficient youth in Canada that is needed to meet the demands of the labor market of the nursing profession. For this reason, the Canadian government carries out extensive recruitment of nurses from other countries. This Canada nurse hiring gives all internationally educated nurses a bright career opportunity to shape a successful career and lead a rewarding life.

In this blog, we will have a look at all the reasons why hiring Filipino nurses is popular in Canada? This will further help us in gaining a much better understanding of the present and the future nursing landscape in Canada.

Canada Prefers Hiring Filipino Nurses:

The Philippines is the greatest source of healthcare workers, specifical nurses in Canada. In the 1970s, a prevalent shortage of nursing labor in Canada and a labor export policy in Manila led many nurses to migrate to Canada. Working as nurses in Canada enabled Filipino nurses to gain economic independence and personal satisfaction.

This positive trend served both countries. On one side, it was helpful in filling the ever-growing demand of nurses in Canada, and secondly, it strengthened the economy of the Philippines because of the remittances these nurses sent back home.

Additionally, Canada nurse hiring was reliant on Filipino nurses because they have always been considered as the best nursing professionals amongst internationally educated nurses. Filipinos are looked upon all over the world because of coming from a caring culture. They are empathetic, kind, emotionally, and socially pleasing people which are some of the qualities important for being a successful nurse.

The Canadian government has seen and respected this ability of the Filipino nurses to connect with patients at such a deep level. When it comes to helping nurses gain the Canadian experience in the nursing field, the ability of Filipino nurses to adjust and adapt anywhere they go sets them apart from all others. They have a remarkable capability to adapt to the new environment in Canada. Hence, recruiting these nurses started coming across as one of the prompt and effective options for Canada.

Ever since the start of this trend until today, Canada has opened its doors for Filipino nurses who wish to make a successful career in the field of nursing. The professionals can move to the country and create a life that gives them purpose, financial autonomy, and most of all a great amount of happiness. The opportunities are endless if the nurses become open to giving the nursing profession their best shot.

Nursing Shortage in Canada:

Realizing the role played by the nurses in enhancing the robustness of the healthcare system, the Canadian government has often titled the ongoing nursing shortage in the country as a state of crisis. It has been predicted many times that Canada is in the need of thousands of nurses to fill this labor shortage effectively.

Due to a prevalent nursing shortage, almost every province of Canada is now aiming to open around thousands of nursing vacancies in the next couple of years. It is acknowledged that the aging population of Canada requires more nurses to take care of the elderly and since Canadian universities cannot produce the native nurses as quickly as they are required, the country is depending on internationally educated nurses. The authorities in Canada are extensively interested in hiring Filipino nurses so that they can maintain a well functioning and robust healthcare system in any way.

There is no stone left unturned when it comes to training the Filipino nurses so that they become accustomed and prepared to work in the healthcare settings of Canada. Nurses can choose from a wide number of courses based on their personal interest and study further in that subject to gain the rightful experience that is needed to succeed at a professional level.

Improving Professional Nursing Domain in Canada:

As the field of healthcare continues to advance with every passing day, the total number of internationally educated nurses is also projected to rise in the country. In Canada, the IENs are in the position to play a very important role in the field of healthcare. The Canadian government is always so keen on transforming the professional landscape of IENs with changes in the immigration policy so that nursing in Canada becomes a lot better.

It is well known that healthcare in Canada is one of the fastest-growing professions and industrialized sectors. Due to this, more and more employment opportunities are being generated for nurses in the country. The Canadian government is open to recruiting students from countries like the Philippines so that they can make a successful nursing career by making the most of the wide range of opportunities provided in Canada.

The employment prospects become even better when the IENs acquire a necessary license. Since there is an aging population in Canada, the healthcare field is in line to undergo notable growth. Consistent efforts are being made to produce job openings for Filipino nurses presently and in the upcoming years.

To make sure that the professional landscape of nurses in Canada is stronger and efficient, the Canadian government gives many lucrative opportunities to the nurses. Recruiting talented and English speaking nurses for nursing in Canada ensures optimal delivery of healthcare in the country.

Recruiting Nurses to Solve Healthcare Crisis:

As it has been said before, Canada stands on the edge of an impending healthcare crisis because of the gaining population. In case the shortage of nurses continues to rise in the future, this crisis will be aggravated at a quick rate in the upcoming period. For this reason, it is now more important than ever to enable internationally recruited nurses to practice in the country. This is again another reason why the hiring of Filipino nurses is popular in Canada.

The industry experts from the field of nursing claim that many old people are outnumbering the youth. Hence, this is a perfect time to invest in nursing courses that educate young nursing professionals in the country. Attracting the internationally educated nurses gives rise to a win-win situation both for the nurses and Canada.

Canada is considered as the hub of nursing education because it offers a practical learning experience along with comprehensive research and clinical knowledge. Nursing in Canada is designed with an aim to develop the overall capabilities of nurses for fulfilling the dynamic roles in the healthcare industry.

The nursing colleges in Canada offer programs designed to help nurses experience technical, professional, and personal competency in nursing. Since Canada relies on internationally educated nurses it prepares and offers them numerous opportunities to prosper in the healthcare field.

Economic Globalization and Workforce Integration:

An important reason that stands behind the migration of Filipino nurses to Canada is the economic globalization. There are many immigrants who make up the total number of skilled workers in Canada, and in response to the migration trends, the government of Canada is constantly working to introduce plans that focus on the workforce integration and success of healthcare professionals.

With respect to nursing in Canada, this workforce integration is done by measures such as education and training, internships, mentorship programs, employment opportunities, promoting belongingness, and so on. The Canada nurse hiring is done with an aim to improve patient safety, nursing care, and overall healthcare delivery.

Filipino nurses that are hired from the Philippines are considered an important addition to the nursing workforce in Canada. Therefore, from the application process to the assessment of eligibility, writing the licensing exams, and successfully passing the exams, the Canadian government gives complete support to the Filipino nurses.

Another reason why workforce integration is given exceptionally high importance in Canada is that it is a multicultural country. People from all over the world coexist happily in Canada and so, the government understands the importance of recruiting overseas nurses and making them healthcare administrators. When Filipino nurses tend to patients with their level of care and love, the patients feel a sense of belongingness and security.


Canada is largely dependent on the internationally educated nurses for meeting the nursing shortage in the country. Therefore, the hiring of Filipino nurses is considered as an important step needed for the enhancement of the healthcare system. In addition to getting trained and educated, Filipino nurses are presented with numerous employment opportunities in Canada.

Filipino nurses must make the best use of Canada nurse hiring. Since nurses are actively required in the country and so much is being done for them, Canada is one of the best places to make a highly successful nursing career.


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