Ten Survival Tips for the Nursing Newbies

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Either as a student or as a newly graduated nurse, having to adjust in a new environment is always difficult. You’ll be little bit hesitant to settle down in the initial few days because of certain new faces, new classes, new classmates or colleagues and the entirely new ambiance. However, it’s not something as difficult as it seems, instead, one must overcome the hurdles that come along and find a place among groups and peers to rejoice the newness in the atmosphere.

If you are someone stepping into the robe and shoes of soon-to-become a nurse or a nurse grad landing on your first job, here’s a quick list of 10 survival tips for you the moment you arrive in a new environment –

  1. A nurse, be it a student or a fresher, has to be professional as long as healthcare and learning about it is concerned. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine to be nervous and a little scared on your first day. However, trust us, you’re not alone to experience it, other nurses too have gone through the same feelings. Nevertheless, a good nursing professional just hides it better than others do.
  2. Your strength would be your group, so meet and greet as many people as you can. You’ll be amazed to know how much you have in common with them because as a nurse you’ll all be concerned to share about certain facts regarding nursing, various medications and maybe certain tips to tackle the patient’s mood swings too!
  3. Don’t be scared if you do not know something. Even after years of experience in nursing jobs, many still won’t know everything. However, that’s no excuse for not being aware of something the second time around.
  4. While meeting strangers, give a firm handshake, look them in their eye, and speak up their name twice. This will help you memorizing the names of your patients and colleagues.
  5. You should always stay confident, as you’ll be meeting many new people during your time as a student or being a nurse. Confidence is a treasure for a nursing professional since patients and even doctors start building a trust level upon them.
  6. Take a walk around through the halls of whatever facility your classes or clinical rotation is located. Knowing ways will help you when you need it the most since an emergency may occur anytime.
  7. Nursing- a profession where theoretical knowledge is connected to all other practical knowledge. So, never hesitate to ask questions. It is good to ask questions every single day. A successful nurse will always strive to find the best out of all ways to perform something he/she may already know how to perform.
  8. Study every day and stay organized. Your skills and knowledge would be helping patients and saving lives.
  9. Your time at school or at work will also let you experience and meet many unpleasant folks. Don’t ever let them influence you. As a nurse, you should be quite balanced with your life and emotions. However, at times you may break down too, but just cry it out and recollect the pieces.
  10. Befriend every single Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) you meet, they are the spine of nursing profession.

Last but not the least; do not forget whatever you experience in your initial days as a student or as a newly graduated nursing professional. Once you move ahead, help the next generation.


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