The 5 Top Nursing Apps

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Nurses and nursing students need access to a huge volume of information. During exam preparation, routine study, clinical hours or interview preparation, access to critical information in an easy to use app with rich content, detailed illustrations, and features can make a nurse’s life easier. We surveyed the market and pulled together a list of 5 excellent nursing apps to cover all of your study and patient care needs.

1. Nursing in a Flash – Med Surg Volumes I and II

Available for both Android and iOS platforms

  • Simple, efficient tool to learn vital nursing concepts on the go
  • As good as your class notes
  • Converts more than 4,700 study questions into reviewable flash cards
  • Makes it a walk in the park to go through a quick study session
2. Nursing Essentials

Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Access to nursing fundamentals
  • Bookmarks, notes section and medical calculator
  • Reference information on drugs, infusions, and laboratory values
3. Mini Nurse

Available for Android.

  • Nursing school basics for beginners
  • Medical terminology
  • BMI chart and BMI calculator
  • Lung and heart sounds
4. Med Mnemonics

Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Suggestions for mnemonics – fun, easy to remember word-plays
  • Helps to stick medical data in your head
5. Human Anatomy Atlas

Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Award winning application
  • Amazing UI and useful to the hilt
  • Over 3,800 3-Dimensional images of human anatomy and structures
  • Built-in quizzes which help you test your knowledge of muscles and bones

Are you using any of the above applications or any other amazing apps, do tell us about the.
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