The Increasing Demand of Male Nurses in Healthcare Spectrum

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Men today make up around 10% of the nursing workforce in the USA and UK. Throughout the world, today there has been a change in the nursing trend wherein more men are preferring to enter the field of nursing and erasing the old notion that says nursing is a women’s profession.

The field of nursing requires art of patient care and the compassion for serving people in need. Thus, for such a kindhearted, devotional cause, gender cannot be the deciding factor.

Some Facts

As per a survey reports of US Census Bureau, the number of male nurses has almost tripled in the US since the 1970.Earlier, men formed only 2.7 percent of the total registered nurses. As per the data reports in 2011, number of male nurses has considerably increased, forming around 9.6 percent of all employed nurses, tallying to 330,000 in total are men.

Previous Trend

As nursing education advanced, it was offered primarily to women as Florence Nightingale, believed that role of caregiver suits women better as this is natural extension of women. With this kind of considerations, only few men were encouraged to pursue this profession.

Changed World

However, with the changing trend in the healthcare and more dynamic options in the nursing, lucrative remuneration along with job security, increasing demand of long term care and the consistent shortage of nurses resulted in substantial increase in the percentage of male nurses in the society.

Another reason that encouraged men to join nursing was a gender pay gap was also witnessed in nursing. For all types of nursing, men were paid a higher wage as compared to women such as men on an average earned $60,700 per year whereas women earned around $51,100 per year.

Secondly, nurse anesthetists is considered as highest-paying nurse occupation and in this specialty 40 percent are men.

Nursing is a rewarding profession with numerous opportunities for career growth. Today, nursing needs passionate individual’s irrespective of their genders. So if you are a male and have a desire to serve and improve the lives of others then a career in nursing can give you great opportunities.

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