Communication In Nursing

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Well, we all know that Nurses are not just “ Nurses”, doing their routine nursing procedures like dressing, administering medications, giving bed bath, performing venepuncture but they have multiple roles such as counselor, teacher, advocate, translator and many more. They have to communicate with everyone whom so ever they deal with in relation with patients. Thus, it is very significant for Nurses to be the best communicators.

Communication In Nursing

Communication is about the reciprocal process in which messages are sent and received between two or more people. (Balzer-Riley, 2004) Communication in relation with “Nursing” needs more in depth knowledge regarding the patient , their significant others and patients condition. Nurses just don’t deal with only the physical aspects of the patient, but also their psycho social aspects which includes the culture, language, emotions and religious beliefs.

How To Become the Best Communicator

Without any technical aspects, here are the some tips for nurses to become the best communicator –

  • First Understand Yourself, then the patients

    It is very important to know yourself, your emotions and always try to be very objective when assessing yourself. It will help you to understand how you react to different situations such as, code blue, Aggressive patient or his assistant, death of the patient, aggressive colleagues etc. At the same time it is important to understand patient’s feelings. Nurses have to communicate with patients who are in pain, grief and abnormal. It is always a challenge to deal with patients who are in mental and physical agony.

  • Be Compassionate

    Patients need the genuine care and this comes naturally only when you are compassionate towards your patients. Being Kind, helpful, soft, polite and professional is the essence of Nursing. Caring is the centre of Nursing. In the year 1984, Leininger stated that “Caring is Nursing and Nursing is Caring”.

  • Non Verbal Communication plays a vital role

    Majority of the patients will be influenced by nurse’s non verbal communication, rather than verbal communication. A Nurse’s body language and mannerisms have a greater impact on the patients. Patients are keen in observing the care given to them. A Nurse’s action speaks a lot than their words.

  • Simply follow the rule called “SMILE”

    Smile is the sweetest language of the world which can be understood by everyone from a small child to an old patient. Smile a lot, even if it is not from your heart. It doesn’t matter, either you smile genuinely or smile consciously. Smile always creates happiness and it is contagious. Smile indicates acceptance, confidence and peace with pleasantness which enables patients to approach you in positive manner.

  • Have a good emotional prediction

    With sympathy, every Nurse should have empathy too. Position yourself in the patient’s condition or situation and understand how they feel. Take appropriate actions to reach out to the patients issues. This quality makes you the best Nurse and an excellent communicator.

  • Last, but very important, have sense of Humor

    Who doesn’t love to Laugh!! Everyone wants to have a good laugh and be happy. Many problems are solved when you have a sense of humor. Patients feel more comfortable with those nurses who joke and make fun of themselves by telling their own stories in a funny way.


The inference of this small passage is to show a big mountain in a small mirror. Communication is a very vast subject which can be discussed and explained endlessly. This article gives you an opportunity to have quick look at the 6 tips to improve the communication skills in regards with patients.


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