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The global nursing shortage occurring in healthcare organizations around the world is bringing in its wake a serious situation regarding adverse impacts on the welfare of patients. According to a recent survey on nursing shortages in the US, there is a shortfall of more than 600,000 nurses in association to the estimated numbers required to scale up priority participation. Presently, in some countries, it is not an uncommon issue to find one nurse accountable for nearly 50 patients. Hence, it poses unprecedented demand for global nursing programs in low and high-income countries, alike.

The shortage of nurses is not something new. Many countries have experienced alternative shortages in the past, usually reasoned by an increased demand which surpasses a latent or more slowly growing demand for nurses. However, the current healthcare industry is suffering from pressures exercised on both demand and supply. Supply for healthcare services and nurses continue to rise due to the aging population, and a flourishing load of non-communicable and chronic diseases. At the same time, the provision of available nurses in some countries is decreasing and is expected to worsen due to an inadequate funding to support new talent and aging nursing workforce into the occupation and the growth of alternative career opportunities for women.

Migration and Recruitment

Facing serious nursing staff shortages, Canadian healthcare organizations have traditionally reached beyond their horizons to recruit internationally. But these opportunities are deteriorating an already existing nursing healthcare crisis in countries that lack the resources of the ministries of nursing programs. As a solution to the ever increasing gap between demand for nurses and the actual availability of competent nurses, INSCOL pioneered the Global Nursing program in partnership with the leading colleges and universities in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Global Nursing Programs
A plethora of international, national, educational, clinical, and legislative authorities have launched initiatives to address the nursing issues. These initiatives address workforce recruitment, planning, retention, professionals development and skill sets. One example is the Nursing Leadership & Management program offered through INSCOL, which assists professional global nursing programs in developing countries to take leadership positions in the medical healthcare industry.

The specialized nursing programs offered by INSCOL will resolve the current nursing crisis. The issues are complex, and the solutions must inevitably be multi-faceted. INSCOL offers innovative, intensified, and uniquely designed nursing programs specifically for Internationally Educated Nurses that address the causes of nursing shortages, and contribute to improved healthcare systems both in terms of coverage and quality.

Through the changes and apt management in global nursing programs, INSCOL is making a difference in strengthening and developing the leadership and management capacity of global nurses worldwide.


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