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We are looking for driven and focused professionals who bring with them the industry best practices and a customer-centric attitude. Leaders and innovators, who are multi-skilled and can be integrated into our dynamic team to contribute to our as well as their own growth story.

What Sets Us Apart

Meet our team and you’ll get a true sense of how our organization facilitates dynamic and impactful careers. We share a culture where each of us has an unwavering commitment to:

  • Honesty & Transparency, in its business commitments.
  • Compassion, in its interactions with current & prospective nursing students.
  • Student-centrism, in its endeavor to do the best for its nursing students.
  • Competence Excellence, in its operational practices.

If you share these traits, odds are that you have the same professional outlook. Join our team and let us help you discover an abundance of opportunities waiting for you!

Current Openings

INSCOL invites applications for the following profiles:

Student Advisor

No. of Position = 2

Nclex Trainer
No. of Position = 1
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