Tips to Clear NCLEX in 75 Questions!

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It’s very rare to hear of a candidate passing the NCLEX in just 75 questions. The average candidate receives at least 121 questions. During the NCLEX, each candidate may receive between 75 and 265 questions. When it can be determined that a candidate’s performance is either above or below the passing standard, the computer adaptive test ends. And, at last, it’s determined whether the candidate cracked the test or not.

Here are some tips shared by candidates who cracked the NCLEX in just 75 questions. Maybe they can help bring you closer to the finishing line:

Requires a Scheduled Approach While Studying for the Test

There is no way you can learn by merely reviewing the content. If you didn’t bother to pay attention and learn while in school, you’re probably going to face tougher times than those who did. Studying before exams should start by setting a number of questions to be solved everyday. Once you become a pro at that particular number of questions, then increase the number. Just make sure you check the rationale whenever you answer a question incorrectly.

The Sooner, The Better

Candidates who’ve already passed the test in75 questions recommend not waiting too long after graduation to take the exam. The reason for this is because the information you need for it is still fresh directly after graduation. Most people wait at least 2 weeks after graduation to take it. Even this time period might be too long. You just have to wait for your paperwork and fingerprints to go through after you graduate, and you are ready to sit for the NCLEX!

Tips for the Day of the Exam

They may offer different times of the day to take the exam. Choose the time when you function the best. Some people are more active in the morning than they are at noon and vice-verse.Apart from this, there are few more things that are imperative to do at the day of the exam.

  • Plan your answer – Do not go right into writing an answer without planning it in your mind. It is very helpful, as it will save your time, in terms of error and correction.
  • Revise your answer thoroughly – Do not submit your answer book without revising it.Getting a zero in a question due to a mistake, even when you know the answer is quite heartbreaking. Make sure that you have written the correct answers by reviewing it.

Try to understand the proper topic

In the NCLEX exam questions are usually not framed simply. Most of the times even simplest question is framed indirectly, which can confuse the candidate. So, get an understanding of the topic first. This will save your time and you will be able to write answers in a much better manner.

Focus on Strategy not on Content

It is a lengthy exam and to optimize time, you need to focus on strategy rather than content while answering the questions especially the complicated ones.This will help you in proper application of your content knowledge. If you have recently passed out from a nursing school, you must have learnt importance of strategy.

Understand the Examination Pattern

Try sample NCLEX papers available online before taking the exam, this will give you good understanding of test pattern. It is an extensive exam, so work on your test-taking stamina so that you are prepared to attempt all 265 questions. Attempting a few sample exams,will help you practice your critical thinking and brief you about passing level difficulty.

Do not under-estimate the power of preparation. Do as much additional research as you can. Use Google for additional information and make your extra learning effective. Instead of making it boring, just study smart! Lastly, a super-tip is to lookup all of the lab values. These are not going to change and all you need is a refresher!

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