4 Ways to Practice and Improve Advanced Airway Management

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Simply put, Advanced Airway Management refers to the medical procedures that are performed to open a pathway between the patient’s lungs and the outside world. Dealing with intubation through the lungs is one of the reasons that acquiring this skill is complicated. Learning and maintaining Advanced Airway Management skills is crucial for EMS (Emergency Medical Service) providers, since they rarely have the opportunity to perform this procedure. Still, factors such as using excellent motor skills, thoughtful decision-making and other competencies are exclusively needed in every case of emergency airway management.

Here is a list of four ways in which you can practice and improve Advanced Airway Management:

#1 Practice until Perfect

Paramedics don’t often face Endotracheal Intubation, or any other kind of intubation, and so they are often unaware of the proper technique. However, it’s equally true that cases like this need to maintain a high competency level and that can only be accomplished through regular practice. So, even if you are a paramedic provider, make sure that you practice enough ‘live intubations’ to gain the desired level of experience.

#2 Know Where to Practice

Practice is obviously required to gain a certain level of perfection in Advanced Airway Management. So, what’s next? “Where to practice?” is usually what follows. Initially, any airway education is a combination of lecture and group practice. It’s necessary that while training as a student you should be provided with an ample number of realistic conditions. For example, you should be practicing with the mannequin’s head at locations other than the table such as on the floor, etc., to mimic real life situations. Another way to create realistic situations includes keeping intubation tubes in their wrappers, and having several types of tubes on hand to determine which size tube is most appropriate for which condition.

#3 Outshine Precision

Precision can be mastered when you, as a student of Advanced Airway Management, learn to adapt to a changing environment. An untainted and perfect performance can be achieved when you learn to work on Advance Airway Management independently. However, work independently only if you’ve been approved to do so by your instructor. Another way is by working in pairs, so that one can evaluate the other person’s performance. This way,honest feedback can be given to the other student.

#4 Decide on the Appropriate Actions According to Specific Conditions

Once precision is achieved, a paramedic will get to make decisions regarding Advanced Airway Management. For example, choosing between maintaining the airway with basic life support and using alternative airway devices such as supralottic or laryngeal mask airway takes decision-making skills.

INSCOL Centre for Continuing Education in India provides this course with an aim to impart EMS providers and healthcare professionals with apt assessment, intervention and management options regarding Advanced Airway Management. The aim of the Airway Management Course is to impart Healthcare Professionals best practices in maintaining patent airway through appropriate assessment, intervention, and management options.

INSCOL being an International Training Center for American Heart Association also provides Basic Life Support Training Courses & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training for healthcare professionals in India.

Author – Shalini Sharma


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