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India has long been known as a hub for nurses, and often looked upon to supply nurses to the 1st World Nations. Before you look into being a global nurse, make sure you know about the equally amazing opportunities in India. Notably, when we consider Indian history, nurses were actually young men. Women acted as midwives for aiding in childbirth. And, a long time ago, the acceptance of nursing as a profession in India was blockaded due to various reasons. At that point in time, India was caught in the fences of political upheaval and cultural uncertainty.

However, time passed. Now, for many good reasons, nursing as a profession has grown and the demand for nurses in India is set to continue. While once there was very little choice in choosing any specialization, there is now a plethora of career opportunities.

Have a look at the various career opportunities and specializations-

  • You can opt to be a Staff Nurse. Staff nurses provide direct care to patients. They are answerable to the ward supervisor for the assistance they perform in the ward management and supervision.
  • Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister is another career option. They are answerable to the nursing superintendent. They are responsible for nursing care, safety and comfort management of a ward or unit. They also assign work to the personnel working in the ward, regardless of whether they are in the nursing profession. If they work in a teaching hospital, then they also provide lessons to students.
  • An Assistant Nursing Superintendent or Department Supervisor is answerable to the nursing superintendent and deputy nursing superintendent. They hold the responsibility of nursing care and management of more than one unit or ward. It can be any department, such as the surgical department or the outpatient department.
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendents are answerable to the nursing superintendent. They hold the responsibility of assisting the latter in the nursing administration of the hospital.
  • Nursing Superintendent is accountable to the medical superintendent. They hold the responsibility of safety and at the same time efficient management of all of the services the hospital provides.
  • Director of Nursing holds the responsibility of keeping an eye on both the nursing services and the teaching services if the hospital offers nursing education.

Outside the Hospital:

  • A Community Health Nurse focuses on serving in the favor of reproductive child health program.
  • Military Nursing Service leads nurses to be commissioned officers who earn ranks from lieutenant to major general.
  • State level Deputy Director of Nursing at the state health directorate.
  • National level Nursing Advisor to the Government of India.

Apart from all of the career opportunities a nurse may acquire within India, the nursing profession abroad has been very enticing with high salaries and more opportunities that are professional. There is no doubt that the nursing profession is a fascinating career choice.

INSCOL Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is a training division of INSCOL, engaged to conduct training and skills enhancement workshops, seminars, and other related activities to improve, upgrade, and update professional and educational competencies of healthcare professionals in India.

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