99 Reasons to Be a Nurse

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Nurses who complete RN, BSN or MSN degree programs or any specialized nursing study program are aware of the benefits, career opportunities, and the growth possibilities of being a nurse.

Nurses work hard every single time they don their uniform. If you have become a nurse after pursuing a Global Nursing Program from a reputed college, you surely know the difference you have already made in someone’s life. For some, becoming a nurse means fulfilling a personal or professional goal. For others, it’s a matter of being inspired. There are a number of reasons it is a truly amazing profession.

Want to know why Nursing is such an Amazing Profession?

Here are 99 Reasons for You

For People Around You
  1. The biggest one – You can save someone’s life.
  2. You will be able to help stop the pain and suffering of others.
  3. You can be a giver of hope to your patients.
  4. As a nurse, you can improve the morale of patients and their families.
  5. Nurses are trusted by patients.
  6. Helping people recover from accidents or strokes as a rehabilitation nurse.
  7. Helping people overcome drugs/alcohol problems as an addictions recovery nurse.
  8. As a nurse, you take care of patients, not the disease.
  9. Helping in an emergency, in an accident or in disaster preparation.
  10. Helping people fight cancer as an oncology nurse.
  1. Gaining medical knowledge to keep yourself healthy.
  2. Gaining medical knowledge to help others stay healthy.
  3. Learning interesting things about the human body.
  4. Healthcare is constantly changing and nurses are always learning something new.
  5. You can continue your education and progress as an educator, mental health counselor, administrator, manager, and more.
  6. Vast continuing nursing education opportunities; nursing schools are everywhere within the country and abroad.
  7. Educational options: Get a diploma in Health Studies, Health & Rehabilitation and more.
  8. Educational options: Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing, Acute Complex Care, Coronary Care Nursing, Nursing Leadership and Management, Gerontology, Community Mental Health, Msc/Bsc nursing and more.
  9. Opt for further education, such as graduate & postgraduate certificate programs that are specifically designed for working nurses.
  10. Begin your education again at any time or at any level of your career.
  11. Nursing colleges offer affordable programs for aspiring candidates.
  12. Many financial aid opportunities for nursing schools.
  13. Become a global nurse by continuing education at colleges abroad.
Jobs & Career Prospect
  1. Nursing jobs come with great medical benefits.
  2. Financial stability and job security.
  3. New nurses can earn a generous paycheck, and those who fill shortages can earn even more.
  4. Free housing & bonuses.
  5. Nurses are always needed; can be a steady flow of income.
  6. Job longevity; many nurses work for 40 years or more in their profession.
  7. Work in the exciting world of healthcare.
  8. Nursing is a challenging and stimulating profession.
  9. Variety on the job; no repetitive tasks.
  10. Nurses can switch days or shifts with co-workers.
  11. No costly career clothes; just wear a uniform or scrubs.
  12. Nursing is open to both men and women.
  13. Jobs in nursing are easy to find.
  14. Jobs in nursing are always available.
  15. Nursing is recession proof: Although markets can fluctuate, people will always get sick.
  16. You can work as a travel or global nurse and see the world.
  17. Nursing is an attractive option for those who wish to progress in their career as nursing educators, administrators and more.
  18. Nurses are needed 24/7.
  19. Work in a hospital, in a doctor’s office or public health clinic.
  20. Work in a college’s student health clinic.
  21. Work with patients from different cultures and backgrounds.
  22. Nursing is an interesting and ever-changing profession.
  23. Nursing is not a boring desk job.
  24. Many nurses are poised to retire; new nurses will have great job opportunities now and in the future.
  25. Advance in fields like Gerontology, Palliative Care, Acute Complex Care, and Critical Care Nursing
  26. Grow your career with diploma and graduate/postgraduate certificate and MSc programs.
  27. Even if you work in the same hospital for 25 years, you can change specialties.
  28. Doctors are responsible for malpractice insurance, while nurses are not.
  29. Teach in a school of nursing as a faculty member.
  30. Write a nursing book or journal; advance knowledge in the profession.
  31. Work with global health issues, such as immunizations or water quality as a public health nurse.
  32. Much of your job as a nurse will be educating patients, their families, and the general public.
  33. Opportunities for fast-paced work, like the emergency department.
  34. Opportunities for quiet and gentle work, like hospice.
  35. Specialize in an area of interest, such as cardiology.
  36. Specialize in an area of interest, such as patient safety and quality improvement.
  37. Advance your career as a nurse practitioner, as a nurse anesthetist or a nurse midwife.
  38. Work on a helicopter as a flight nurse.
  39. Work with two-pound infants as a neonatal intensive care nurse.
  40. Help new mothers with breast-feeding issues as a lactation nurse consultant.
  41. Get involved in the political process as a nurse activist.
  42. Get involved in a faith community as a parish nurse.
  43. You can be a forensics nurse, join nursing informatics for a career.
  44. Start a career as a pharmaceutical or medical device representative.
  45. Work for a medical supply/medical technology company.
  46. Work for a corporation as an employee health nurse.
  47. Work as a summer camp nurse.
  48. Work as a school nurse and have the summer off.
  49. Be a nurse manager; supervise care on a unit or department.
  50. Option to work full-time or part-time.
  51. Option to work on weekends or weekdays, days or nights.
  52. Option to work with children, adults or the elderly.
  53. Job opportunities in every location of your choice.
  54. Job opportunities overseas.
  55. Job opportunities in the active military.
  56. Job opportunities with veterans.
Personal Rewards
  1. Nursing is a time-honored profession of great historical significance.
  2. The reward of seeing someone return to good health is a great reason to become a nurse.
  3. Nursing is respected by friends, family and other professionals.
  4. Studying and working in healthcare can help you better focus on your own health.
  5. You will experience strong personal growth and satisfaction.
  6. Emotionally rewarding.
  7. Nursing is a career that you can take pride in.
  8. Help your family members when they are sick.
  9. Interact with interesting people in other healthcare professions.
  10. Be a respected advocate for healthy lifestyles, such as smoking cessation.
  11. Nursing is not just a job – it’s a lifestyle.
  12. Nursing knowledge can be handy when you have a sick child.
  13. Nursing knowledge can be handy when you have elderly parents.
  1. You will value life more than ever.
  2. Have the chance to help others.
  3. Have the ability to comfort the ill and dying.
  4. Experience the thrill of helping a baby being born.
  5. Give back: work in a free clinic at a homeless mission.
  6. Give back: work on a medical mission’s team.
  7. ——————— in this blank space, the 99th reason should be yours.

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Author – Rohini Theodore


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