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Nurses have an integral role to play in the healthcare systems, providing quality care to the patients and performing leadership roles in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, community agencies, hospitals and long-term care centers. Being responsible coordinators and custodians of patient care, nurses are considered as a linchpin component of the entire continuum of care. Nursing requires as much intelligence, empathy, sense, and sensitivity as most of the other critical jobs does.

Having said that, despite the growing demand for nurses, developing countries such as India have to face a pool of challenges that have led to churning out a large number of nursing graduates who have little choice but to join private or corporate hospitals often at extremely low wages.

Most of the Indian nurses today are unhappy about the pittance that they are paid as salary despite having enough experience and long working hours. Most importantly, despite putting in several years of service, these nurses are not allowed to do anything apart from doling out medicines and offering patients a sponge bath; in other words  – compromising their clinical skills.

With no room for growth and lack of conducive work environment and infrastructure facilities, such noble profession has been plagued with various problems – lack of recognition, workplace mental violence, lack of synchronicity, poor salary, lack of resources, limited opportunity for continuing education, etc. Due to this, the nursing profession is going through a tough period. It is facing high attrition rate and acute shortage.

Nursing Study programs in Canada for International Students

Keeping these challenges faced by Indian nurses in mind, INSCOL has designed several advanced and specialized international nursing programs in Canada with an aim of facilitating the pathway to higher education programs for nurses from India and abroad. Our partnership with leading universities and colleges in Canada is setting higher global standards to nurses making nursing a broader stream with unlimited opportunities.

Through the specialized nursing programs, that comprise of simulation-based sessions, hands-on exposure and systematic training methods. INSCOL is on a mission to empower the neglected Indian nursing community by assisting them in receiving higher and more specialized education in leading colleges abroad. The emphasis is laid on teaching appropriate communication, problem-solving skills, clinical decision making, managerial, & personal care skills.

Such programs are meant for those who dream big and wish to fight aforementioned hazards prevailing in developing countries like India. More than 9500 nurses have been enrolled in these programs since 2003 in more than 20 nursing programs across 5 countries. To kick start your global career, enroll today for the jan’18 intake!


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