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How Nurses Can Avoid Taking Patients’ Anxiety on Themselves

Nursing forms the backbone of the health industry. Without nurses, the job of the doctors would be highly difficult. In fact, as soon as the doctors have performed their duty, the patients depend on nurses for complete rehabilitation. Still, there is a significant shortage of competent nurses due to the gap in nursing education standards in India as compared to that of developed countries like Canada. There is no denying the fact that Indian nurses put in much efforts and work better than those belonging to many other countries, but the lack of specialized nursing programs in the country are not helping their cause. So, the need of hour for the nurses in India is to enroll in nursing programs that boast of international standards.

When it comes to the education standards and providing career opportunities in different fields, Canada ranks among the top in the world. While talking of the advantages that nurses find in Canada, there are several to mention. According to https://www.livingin-canada.com/ – a web portal for professional and personal life in Canada, the average salary band of a Registered nurse is in the radius of $65,000 – $75,000 which is clearly much higher than what an RN would make in a developing country like India. Below are other prime factors that contribute in making Canada a preferred choice for international nurses:
– A better salary package helps in providing economic stability for the nurses that results in the improved quality of life.
– Strong labor laws adopted by the Canadian government ensure that nurses get safer and friendlier work environment and more importantly, earn respect in their job.
– Canada also uses latest technologies in providing healthcare to its citizens and it gives a perfect platform to the nurses to adopt them and become the world’s best.

Keeping in mind the expected demand of 66,000 nurses in Canada by 2022, INSCOL, in partnership with leading colleges of Canada, has designed nursing programs for young nursing aspirants. We offer various short term specialized nursing programs in partnership with the leading colleges of Canada. As mentioned earlier, most of the Indian nurses lack in the education standards prevalent in developed countries. Once, they successfully complete the specialized program, they will be at par with the global nurses. The programs at INSCOL have been designed specially for Internationally Educated Nurses to bridge the gaps in their education. Moreover the INSCOL office in Toronto office offers free support and guidance to all nursing students and alumni until they are ready to start their international career.

So, if you are interested in postgraduate nursing programs in Canada or specialized nursing programs in Canada, you can get in touch with us through our website or call to know more about these programs.


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