For Nurses in India, Here are the Career Options in Private and Government Sectors

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It doesn’t matter if you are a professional nurse working in a healthcare setting or a recently graduated nursing enthusiast; if you are in India then you are definitely looking for the best career opportunities in private as well as govt. organizations. This guide is a refresher for all your queries about jobs and career in Indian nursing industry.

In Private Organizations

Although, most of the jobs for nurses are in the private sector, there is no uniformity in the job conditions or in the salary. There are some hospitals that offer good salary while other hospitals may offer a lesser salary for the same work. The Indian Nursing Council is striving to maintain uniform standards in working conditions and also in the salary structure.

Advantages of nursing jobs in the Private sector –

  • You can keep abreast of latest treatment techniques
  • You will be paid on par with the industry salary
  • Job satisfaction is likely to be more
  • Private sector hospitals are usually large multi-specialty hospitals.

In Medical Hospitals and Educational Institutions

Depending upon the qualification, a nurse can work in a hospital in different positions. Like, an ANM can work as a nurse auxiliary. For those with a 3-year Diploma in nursing, they can work as a staff nurse. Moreover, a B.Sc. nurse can work as a staff nurse, ward in-charge or as a tutor in a nursing education institution.

Nurses with a Masters’ degree or Ph.D. in nursing, they can obtain an executive level position in a teaching program or work as a clinical nurse in a high-level position. After the specialization in Masters’ degree, a nurse can choose one of the many branches that are available to specialize in the following fields of nursing

  • Maternity nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Medical Surgical nursing
  • Moreover, the medical surgical nurses can specialize in other specialties like neurology, cardiology etc.

Nurses who have completed the Bachelor or Masters in nursing are recruited in teaching programs. There are hundreds of nursing colleges in India. Highly qualified, experienced and skillful nurses teach in these colleges to maintain the standards of education. The students who study in these colleges are the future nurses of the country and so the Indian Nursing Council ensures that all these teaching institutions have standardized education and experienced faculty.

In Government Sectors

There are state government hospitals in every state including the Primary health centers in each district. Other than these, there are teaching hospitals in the state headquarters and other large cities that employ nurses. The remuneration in these state government hospitals are on par with other state government employees.Central government too has its own hospitals. The working conditions in these hospitals are usually better. The nurses who are employed in these hospitals enjoy the Central government pay scale.

These kinds of hospitals and career options includes –

  • Army hospitals
  • Railway hospitals
  • Research programs
  • Nurses in schools, prison, emergency services, first aid, etc.

Steps to apply for nursing career in Government service –

  • Search for available vacancies in newspapers
  • Apply to the authorities in the required format
  • Provide Xerox copies of relevant educational certificates
  • You may have to attend an exam and/or interview
  • Check for reservation category in Nursing jobs when applying for government service

Advantages of nursing jobs in the Government service –

  • Job security is very high
  • You will be able to treat patients with varied health conditions.
  • Promotions at regular intervals.
  • Managerial positions are possible.
  • Excellent pay with all perks of government jobs.

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