Let’s Know How Psychiatric Nurses Care for Patients’ Mental Health

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A psychiatric nurse, as being asked, is almost always in a doubt of the patient being severely delusional or maybe the most interesting man in the world. For them, getting spit on or bitten is just another day at their workplace. Probably, a job not meant for everybody. However, it’s not always this extreme.

What kind of caring is involved in Psychiatric Nursing?

Formally, psychiatric nursing is about caring for patients who suffer from mental illness and distress. This includes people who are suffering from bipolar disorder, dementia, depression, psychosis or schizophrenia.

A psychiatric nurse has a lot to do. While caring is a part of any specialization in nursing profession, psychiatric nursing is a step ahead. Have a look at the responsibilities-

  • Psychiatric nurses take care of the people with acute or chronic mental health.
  • They seek to work with groups in medical environment including, the families of the patients.
  • They tend to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients.
  • A psychiatric nurse engages the patients in a positive and cooperative way in order to channelize the patients’ energy in a constructive manner.
  • They assess mental health needs of the patients, develop a diagnosis, create a plan for nursing care, and perform out that plan.
  • Psychiatric nurses assist medical engagements in order to promote health, evaluate dysfunction and preventing any further illness.
  • They also assist in counseling programs and make the patients aware of self-care.

Adding, while we say that psychiatric nursing is a step ahead, it’s because psychiatric nurses have to be very patient and a very good listener and an excellent communicator. Emotional stability is one of the core strengths of such nurses, followed by teamwork and a strong desire to help people thereby developing relationships with them.

What are the Workplaces for Psychiatric Nurses?

There is a variety of work settings in which psychiatric nurses are needed. For instance, you’ll find them in both inpatient as well as outpatient departments. Hospitals, community based programs; private practices, mental health agencies and organizations, and even primary care offices can be the settings for psychiatric nurses.

Lastly, psychiatric nursing involves human factors, reflective practice and thus simulation based learning in totality. Do you want to be an empowered frontline nurse? At INSCOL – Centre for Continuing Education, you can have a standard training and hands on exposure on industry’s best simulation equipment and situations. Do not miss the opportunity to be recognized as a global nurse!


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