Here’s How You Can Maximize Productivity in Nursing

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There would hardly be a person who doesn’t want to maximize their productivity. Nursing, like any other profession, demands productivity too. While a nurse keeps on running here and there and taking care of several patients, they need to channelize their energy in a way that the work does not overwhelm them. Is that possible? – Why not? Keep reading.

Are you on a round? Did you notice a problem? Just write it down.

Most of the nurses, while at rounds, notice many inefficiencies here and there. As they say, flaws are part of our lives. What do you need to do? Well, you can make a difference by jotting down the problems. This will help in assessing the problems and come up with a solution. Anything that turns your job harder shall be noted and worked upon.

How about a strategic To Do list?

While we write things down, they get easier to understand. It’s not different with nursing. A strategic ToDo list helps in an organized schedule and no chance to miss any task while the hustle and bustle of a number of activities. The list’s strategy should be as-

  • First things first. List the tasks in order of priority.
  • Devise an efficient plan for each of the tasks.

Communicate with peers from time to time

Studies suggest that when colleagues work out a plan for the rest of the day, even only for 15 minutes in the beginning, they end up being more productive. For instance, if you have a nurse peer who works in the same hours as yours, you can discuss and divide the tasks in order to avoid confusion. There is no point in attempting a task that has already been started by another nurse.

Make the needy patients your priority

Anticipation of needs and requirements of the patients leads to saving a lot of time. While on rounds, just ask the patients for their future needs. For instance, does anyone need food? Does anyone need his or her medicine? Does anyone need to go to the bathroom? This way you become pro-active and take care of the things ahead of time. This saves you from the double or triple rounds a day. One round, and a lot of tasks get accomplished.

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