Do You Know the Least Mentioned Perks of Being a Nurse?

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While we have come across the beautiful reasons one should be proud to be a nurse, there are some secretive perks of being one.

We know all the adjectives related to nursing, don’t we? We know a nurse as a protector and promoter of health abilities. Nurses prevent illness and the injury. They even relieve the suffering with the help of diagnosis. Not to forget the advocacy they do in the care of their patients who can be individuals, families, communities and even populations.

How does the previously mentioned lead to some hidden benefits of being a nurse? Keep reading to know.

Do medicines scare you?

We know they don’t. Sure, nursing school might feel frightening and even confusing. After all, you had to learn trade names versus generic. While we remember one word for many, nurses tend to remember many names for one medicine. How those names just became a part of your life? Yes, we know, medicines do not scare you anymore.

Do you panic on medical emergencies?

Not now and no more. Medical emergencies imply the usage of the most basic life support education. While most of us are unaware of a lot of things, nurses are used to practice basic life support. Some of the nurses may also have had done advanced training to attain the same. For a nurse a medical emergency is just another day to display the skills acquired during the education and training.

Do doctors and hospitals scare you?

As a nurse, you might have been scared of the hospital premises once you were not in the profession. Hospitals might have felt different long ago. After a while, you become stoic to the fear of hospitals. Of course, doctors tend to be fear of many. Not that everyone is able to talk to them in the same medical jargon. You, as a nurse, though, can!

How would news affect a nurse?

Well, as a nurse, you do not tend to receive the intended message as a whole. Sensationalism does not persuade you. You tend to be well informed about the outbreaks and health recommendations. You believe in facts.

Being a nurse, you will avoid all your fears regarding medicine, injections, IV therapies, and whatnot. Do you want to conquer these common fears? Apart from the educational perks, the positive contribution you make in the society, the unlimited reward in terms of affection, you will conquer these fears too. Not to forget the bright careers that awaits you!

Nursing education brings a guaranteed job. You will certainly always have a job. From administration offices to army, navy, everywhere we need nurses. You can work anywhere and wherever, if it pleases you to work. Unfortunately, people get sick. There is no recession to that fact.

Do not forget to check the advanced courses offered by INSCOL CCE. The Centre of Continuing Education is an initiative that aims at acquainting the Indian nursing professionals with the latest developments and updates in the health care across the globe.


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