Nine Reasons Why Night Shift is the Best Shift for Nurses

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You could easily say that nurses play the role of the backbone in the health care industry. Just to name a few, working with the doctors, medicating the patients and educating the communities; are the various responsibilities nurses do happily perform on a daily basis. After all, if the doctors diagnose, nurses are the ones to cure the ailment and care the patient.

However, if you’ve met nurses who were assigned to work in the night shift, you’ll know how their experiences are quite fascinating and all enduring. Indeed, you’ll be continually amazed by the level of sincerity, discipline, planning and thought it requires working on nights. However, as earlier mentioned, if you hear some nurses sharing the actuality, you may feel that even the worst night shift is better than a day shift!

Here you go!

Reason #1: You do not have to deal with any administrators. There are no doctor rounds. All you have to do is just good-old patient care.

Reason #2: You’d love the fact that you have more decision-making power. No interruptions, no interference!

Reason #3: You must have experienced the nighttime to be the most comfortable time to study. Just perfect!

Reason #4: The care performed on the night shift is better and purer nursing care.

Reason #5: Night shift actually feels as the best time to talk to patients. People tend to be more comfortable talking in dimly lit atmosphere. The vibe and the atmosphere both are non-frantic.

Reason #6: Your fellow nurses who similarly work on night shifts are a more united group. They tend to be more helpful and they are considered to have more fun altogether.

Reason #7: We know all the upright type A personalities do work in daytime. However, all the relaxed, fun and jolly people work nights.

Reason #8: You can escape all the mess and the disorganization present in the daytime.

Reason #9: Lastly, you would never be affected by ‘jet-lag’ when you travel. You’ll feel absolutely normal, even after several hours of travel.

All the same, nurses lead very demanding lives. From providing us the medical care we need, to paying attention to each of ours overpowering emotion, they tolerate it all. Isn’t it a far casual approach towards the night nursing shifts? Much and literally very much fewer interferences and much more freedom. You’d love the work, but you may hate the hours. May this love/hate thing continues for the better!


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