An Introduction to Becoming a Flight Nurse

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Nothing different from other nursing professions, only that a flight nurse is a nurse whose services are provided via an air transport. Let us explain the situation; whenever there is an emergency case in the airway, an emergency crew with a flight nurse gets a call. After all, some cases cannot wait for the flight to land.

Well, being a flight nurse is quite an exciting and adventurous job. Yet again, like any other nursing profession, to become a flight nurse, an individual requires an accredited training and pass a series of practical exams too. Aero-medical industry is not a walk in the garden after all.

At minimum, you might need a bunch of certifications. For instance, you should acquire certifications in Basic Cardiac Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and a certificate in Pediatric Advanced Life Support as well. INSCOL Centre for Continuing Education provides you with many advanced courses and simulation-based training in order to achieve the highest level of competency.

Further, a flight nurse is ought to be at least one of these – a Clinical Emergency Nurse, a Certified Flight Registered Nurse or a Critical Care Registered Nurse. Not to forget that the employment experience of a flight nurse shall be several years of practice in critical or acute nursing care.

Broadly, there are two types of flight nurses available in the realm of health care profession. A nurse can serve as a civilian nurse for a hospital, civil service agency, the government or a private evacuation firm. Further, a nurse can also serve as a military nurse and thus as a senior member of an aero-medical evacuation team or a military organization. Military nurses can also be sometimes recruited in war theaters.

If you choose the career of a flight nurse, keep in mind the topmost benefit of it being a highly specialized field. There is a shortage of nurses in the field of healthcare otherwise too. So, the prospective jobs in the aero-medical industry are only foreseen to be increasing in the coming time.

Salaries of flight nurses may depend upon the various settings and organizations who hire the flight nurses. However, more the number of certificates a nurse provides the more will be the scale of the salary to be paid.


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