10 Job Portals for Nursing Students and Professional Nurses

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Are you in the nursing profession? Are you looking for better job opportunities in some of the best healthcare facilities? Or maybe you just completed your nursing study programs and want to start your professional career as a nurse. Well, there are a number of highly-trusted online job portals that can help you find the job of your dreams. Apart from this, these online hubs are a great source of information about the trends in nursing, insights on the job market, best countries to study and work, part-time practice opportunities, expert suggestions, continuing education, specialized nursing programs, nursing certifications, announcements, future prospects, salary, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 job portals for nurses –

1. BestNurseJobs

Here, you can find nursing job listings and apply directly to hospitals, medical centers or other private medical companies. Browse through thousands of nursing jobs that have been posted on the site.

2. RNWanted

RNWanted doesn’t just offer jobs in every nursing specialty; they also offer employment tips and advice from people who are experts in healthcare. You can choose jobs in your preferred location or opt to search according to your nursing specialty.

3. Nurses123

This job site is where you can find the best available nursing jobs including travel nursing and per diem nursing jobs. It can also refer you to nurse job fairs and offer advice about nursing opportunities. Their objective is to find the perfect nursing job for you and offer you as many opportunities as possible.

4. NurseFinders

In the business for 40 years, NurseFinders is one of the longest-serving job sites in existence. It helps nurses find the right jobs where they can work with flexible hours and utilize all of their skills.

5. HealtheCareers

This job site offers not only job opportunities, but also news, information, events, and career resources. There are different career categories that you can browse through to choose a job. It’s also very easy to apply.

6. NurseJobz

Offering a variety of nursing jobs to choose from, the main goal of this job site is to help applicants and employers find each other. Although you have to pay a minimum of $139 for thirty days to see their listings, they offer very advanced recruitment tools. It will all be worth it when you find the perfect job for you!

7. HospitalJobs

This website offers employment opportunities not only to nurses, but to other healthcare professionals, as well. They also make sure that you find the right job at the right salary and even provide an up-to-date list of job opportunities in the United States.

8. Nursemp

This site wants every medical and healthcare practitioner to have the opportunity to find the perfect job. Nursemp believes that their company must build strong client relationships while keeping costs low. Get your résumés ready and see to it that your talents are well-rewarded!

9. HealthJobsPlus

This website offers nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals the chance to find the perfect job among the many jobs listed. You can browse by category or just post your résumé and have jobs emailed to you. Now, that’s easy!

10. OnwardHealthcare

This is a site that provides travel and local staffing for registered nurses and other health professionals. The company believes that the search for quality nurses is always onward and upward. If you think you have what it takes, visit them now!

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