Bridging Your Nursing Career in New Zealand

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Health workers are needed now!! It’s been estimated that by 2021, New Zealand will need 380 extra specialists every year to meet the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) average. By 2030, New Zealand will need up to 25,000 more nurses. As expected with this kind of demand, there will be a plethora of opportunities and an increased number of aspirants applying for nursing courses in New Zealand.

Another fact is that Filipino nurses – once they graduate from nursing school – often encounter a bleak and barren employment market. The case is likely that they are poorly paid in health sector jobs in the Philippines. The best option for these nurses is to migrate and find better options to pursue healthcare and nursing studies in New Zealand.

Healthcare in New Zealand – the Way to a Better Life

New Zealand is an excellent option for Filipino nurses. Not only does it have both public and private healthcare systems, it also has high standards of care. The public system, notably, is much larger – accounting for 83% of the entire healthcare structure.

New Zealand has a wide-ranging healthcare system with 220 hospitals and 20 District Health Boards. These boards manage the public healthcare system in the different regions of the country.

When there’s a wide-ranging healthcare system, there will also be an equally wide range of work opportunities for healthcare professionals, covering every discipline and specialty.

Speaking of the hospitals, New Zealand hospitals are well-equipped and general practices are current and up-to-date. At New Zealand hospitals, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere that’s positive and promotes patient safety, timeliness, and efficiency.

You’ll Never Feel Out of Place

Another great aspect about New Zealand is that you’ll never feel out of place working there. A total of 41.5% of their total healthcare workforce is overseas-trained professionals.

So, if you want a bright nursing career in New Zealand, the time to act is now. If you are in search of the best healthcare and nursing programs in New Zealand, you’ve landed in the right place. INSCOL offers Graduate Diploma in Health Studies, Diploma in Health & Rehabilitation, Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Health and Bachelor of nursing courses in New Zealand for Filipino nurses.


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