A Gratitude Note for Nurses on the Front Lines

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Anytime when an emergency situation unfolds in different parts of the world, it often feels like life has come to a standstill. In the recent past, the world dealt with the widespread COVID-19 and that led to an onslaught of so many public healthcare rules. 
Amidst many attempts to flatten the curve of infection, saving lives, tending to an unimaginable number of patients, and managing an emotional, social, and physical turmoil, nursing professionals in Canada served as a saving grace for many. 
As people got worried and started stockpiling goods, food, oxygen cylinders, and masks, nurses did everything from educating the public, serving the infected ones, and being there for the patients and their families while often forgetting themselves. 

Awe-Inspiring and Noble Service: 

The profession of nursing has long been regarded as noble, compassionate, awe-inspiring, and exhausting work of caring for the sick and suffering. Nursing in abroad has been associated with preserving human dignity amidst uncertainty. 
There has been an enormous sense of respect that is offered to nurses for the extraordinary and inspirational work that they do. Along with other physicians and healthcare team members, nurses stand at the front lines in terrorized, war-ridden, disaster hit, epidemic, and pandemic hit places. 
They care for people while being their most fragile selves and bring an entirely new hope to what may otherwise be the worst day of a patient’s life. 

A Gratitude Note for Nurses: 

Uncertain times such as COVID-19 and other unfortunate situations are a challenging time for everyone. However, people see and realize that almost no one faces the realities of the pandemic as consistently and completely as compared to our frontline healthcare workers. 
As frontline nurses, we saw you face fears and limitations as everyone else, but your commitment to deal with the situation at hand face to face while showing up at work each day turned out to be invaluable. Dealing with such grim times is a monumental task and takes a huge toll but we always see your sense of duty preceding all else. The lengths at which you go to save the public gives everyone the hope to keep fighting and no matter how many times we thank you for that, we don’t think that will be enough. 
It has been observed that in developed countries like Canada, the profession of nursing in its complete sense holds a substantial value. Nurses walk alongside a person during some of the most vulnerable moments with grace, selflessness, and strength. We want you to know that you are doing the most essential, impactful, and rewarding kind of work by being there for patients in time when they need it the most. Your service has helped us see why healthcare delivery is often referred to in terms of war metaphors. By being “on the front lines of care” you go into the battle each day and most of the time you emerge unscathed while also carrying emotional and physical battle scars sometimes. 
We would like to show immense gratitude for our nurses who run towards the line of danger as the rest of the public is asked to retreat into the safety of their homes. We want you to know that we see you showing up regardless of the circumstances and fighting incessantly. The way you choose selflessness over self-preservation each time you step into your scrubs serves as an example for many. Thank you so much for serving and caring for the people who are afflicted with diseases even though the mere act of caring for them may put you at risk. 
In all unprecedented times that are marked with so much angst and anxiety, you are our silver lining in the clouds. Thank you for always being the helpers and heroes we look up to. We know that what you do is not easy and requires great courage. We thank the heavens for people like you every time we pray. Thank you, a million times over. 

Nursing: Profession that Goes Beyond the Self 

Nurses and other healthcare workers continue working selflessly around the clock to provide care to patients. When it comes to challenging times, in particular, the service of nurses deserves unlimited support from the public. 
When the healthcare workers are on the frontline battling some of the other diseases, the public must do all that is possible to ensure that the spirits of our nurses stay bolstered. In recent times, the widespread use of COVID-19 has made people around the world realize the importance of nursing. People have realized that nurses and other healthcare workers put themselves in the path of the virus in the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19. 
The respect shown to the nurses has increased all the more after seeing the exemplary instances of nurses caring for the vulnerable and indisposed population. As a result, nurses are offered better salaries and respectable jobs. For example, Study nursing in Canadahas turned into one of the most sought-after professions. 
So, if you think you have it in you to become a nurse or if joining the nursing profession abroad is something that you have always aspired to do then right now is the time to take action. Enrolling in a nursing course in Canada will offer you the necessary knowledge and insights needed to advance your nursing career. 


A thank you will never be enough for the kind of sacrifices nurses make each day and especially the ones that they have made during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dedication, courage, compassion, and commitment of nurses deserves our deepest gratitude and admiration. If you are a nurse or if you aspire to be one then know that your profession is the best example of nobility. 


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