Why Nurses from Philippines Like to Work Abroad

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The Philippines is a nation with talented people. They often aspire to achieve big in their career or to pursue higher education in fields like nursing, teaching, research, etc. Foreign countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA are go-to destinations for them. Apart from this, there are other socio-economic reasons that entice Filipinos to leave their homes, enroll in Nursing Programs for International Nurses, and work abroad.

High Unemployment Rate

The Philippines has a persistent high unemployment rate. Every year, thousands of fresh graduates enter the job market after pursuing the most popular education and courses, but fail to find a job. As a result, the unemployed are increasing the competition for others. To escape this situation, they prefer to work in foreign destinations to pursue higher studies like Global Nursing Programs to find work opportunities.

Lower Salary

Many employers in the Philippines have their necessary workforce working at low salaries. This is why others seek opportunities to work abroad with better pay packages. Filipinos working in high-demand jobs like nurses, teachers or engineers are also poorly paid within the home country. No wonder so many enthusiasts leave the country, and prefer to work abroad with better pay and benefits.

Contractual Jobs with No or Poor Benefits

Employers in the Philippines prefer to recruit employees on a contractual basis, as it is easier for them to let go and they don’t have to provide any health benefits or insurance coverage. From sales executives to food servers, the practice is widespread in the country. These biased conditions help employers save money, no matter how unsatisfying the job offer is for an employee. This causes a great deal of job insecurity for those who are employed in the Philippines.

Favors to Overseas Filipino Workers

It sounds unbelievable, but it is happening. When these OFWs return to their homeland, they are being pampered and offered numerous advantages like health insurance premiumsat discounted rates, special lanes for overseas workers at the airport, and they are covered under better protection. They are even regarded as the nation’s new breed of heroes, pumping in billions of remittance dollars.

Career Growth Overseas

This is what motivates and inspires most Filipinos. To fulfill their dreams and achieve a rewarding career, they prefer foreign destinations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Whether it is to continue their higher education, pursue Academic Courses for International Nurses or to find opportunities that allow them to study and work altogether, Filipinos find this a promising avenue for career growth.

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