6 Commandments for Your First Nursing Job

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Your first job, generally, teaches you a lot about many new things. This is especially true for nursing. As a nurse to be, you will have many experiences – some good and bad – yet all of them delightful. Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, you’re going to learn, and that’s what matters the most for a nursing student pursuing a postgraduate nursing program. Here are 6 Commandments, that when followed will make your First Nursing Job a truly fulfilling experience.

Your Profession is Your Passion

Whatever you may feel about your first nursing job, don’t let it get you down. Never doubt your choices. Dream positions are earned with strong determination, courage and compassion. No matter how hard it gets, know that you’ll succeed.

Stick to Honesty – Come Clean With the Truth

Honesty is always the best policy. This way, you don’t ever have to put your nursing license in jeopardy. Don’t even think about it.

Being Fast is an Advantage

No nurse wants to push their paperwork or other duties to the end of their shift. Therefore, you better be quick and efficient. This helps in saving time at the end of the shift, and it will also enable you to learn any new skill.

Ask As Many Questions as You Want

Of course, ‘now’ is the right time to ask any question you want. Also, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Why would anyone expect you to know everything? Ask questions during your first job, because you never know if you’ll get the same chance to do so in your second or third job.

Offer Your Support to Senior Nurses

Do you have this weird feeling of being too novice and in experienced to support the senior nurses? It’s not the scenario, at all. When you offer your help to a fellow clinician, you have already shown a glimpse of your compassionate soul. Not to forget that you’ll be equally supported the next time you need help.

Stay Motivated and Positive

With easy-going patients, helpful co-workers, and successful treatments, it’ll be easy for you to stay motivated and positive. But remember, when the hard days happen, you’ll more than appreciate the good ones!

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