The Nursing Profession – Today and Beyond!

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Are you aspiring to be a nursing professional? Presently, nursing is a booming field where you can secure your future without looking back. Here, we take a glimpse at trends, innovations of the medical field, and revolutionary changes in the nursing practice. So, what’s the future of nursing? Read on.

Here are some trends in Nursing that will be gaining popularity in the next few years.

Evidence-based practice

In the field of nursing, the term evidence-based practice (EBP) is gaining popularity. Everyone in the medical field, from staff nurses, to the doctors, to heads of government agencies, are familiar with the term. Systems have been set up to foster evidence-based care, so as to bring about improved patient care and create nurse satisfaction. EBP has also been the foundation for disease management that are taken care of by nurses.

Technological Advancement

Each year, new technological advancements in medical devices are taking place. New medical equipment is developed, and so many technological innovations are being released for the benefit of the medical community. All of these improvements in the medical field are done to deliver optimum patient care.

Computer Assisted Surgery

In the field of surgery, robotics is a new developing field. In the coming years, computer-assisted surgeries will be taking center stage, especially where fine movement is critical. Although, computer assisted surgeries are more expensive when compared to regular surgeries, patient risk is dramatically reduced. However, for successful computer assisted surgeries, all OR nurses would require specialized training.

Electronic Health Records

Medical systems are continually improving. Now, in-patient records are fully computerized. Many hospitals have also introduced a barcoding system in medication administration.

Community-Based Nursing

The future of nursing will call for a shift from hospital-based to community-based healthcare demands. This is due to the largely aging population, increase in chronic diseases, and rising costs. Even though the majority of nurses are most familiar with a hospital-based practice, community-based nursing practice is on the rise. This means that nurses will need to enhance their skills on independent nursing actions and in-depth head-to-toe assessment.

In the future, all of the above developments are expected to be an important part of the healthcare industry. These developments will transform healthcare to meet increased patient care demand. If you want to be in a nursing profession that takes your career to new heights, choose the best nursing programs in Canada. INSCOL, in partnership with top colleges and universities in Canada, offers Postgraduate Nursing Programs for internationally educated nurses.


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