Nurses are Canada’s Most Respected Professionals

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You would be glad to hear that according to a new poll, nurses are the most positively viewed people in the Canadian workforce.

An online poll conducted by a renowned research agency, suggests that about nine-in-ten Canadians across the nation hold a positive opinion of nurses. Infact, nurses and farmers are seen as the most constructive people in the Canadian workforce. Happy moments, aren’t these?

What the Experts say

Happy to hear the results of the poll, the president of the BC Nurses Union, herself a practicing nurse for the last 30 years, Gayle Dutiel says that – “Nurses consider themselves very professional individuals and it’s nice to be recognized by the public as a respected profession.”

This kind of positive view for nurses can be credited to people’s firsthand experience with them.

Notably enough, whenever one enters any healthcare system, they are most likely to come in touch with nurses at one point or the other. It all comes down to the trust that is built between nurses and patients, people realize that nurses provide the best possible care, and are also there to guide and support them.

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